6 Best Dressed Celebrity Children

By on 04/06/2014

Tiny Trendsetters All Set To Join The Fashion World

When some only dream of having a piece or two of their favorite designer for their kid’s wardrobe, others have wardrobes just filled with designer labels. While there are plenty of cute kids to choose from, our list here contains names that are the most stylish.

These pint sized celebrity kids seem to have it all from fame, fortune to good style. It’s almost not possible to be ignorant to the fashion world when you were raised by some of the celebrities.  Some of these kids can barely speak at their age, but still manage the signature looks that onlookers would admire or feel envious. Read on to find out who deserves the top 6 well-dressed celebrity children.

Violet and Seraphina AffleckViolet and Seraphina Affleck

Violet born on December 1st, 2005 and Seraphina born on January 6th, 2009 are sisters to Samuel Affleck and are the daughters of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. These two attractive girls are show stoppers because of their adoration to wear clothes that embody their own exclusive style. These girls are consistently in bright colors and fun patterns and clothes that are timeless and practical yet fashionable. In tie-dye and flower prints, loose-cut tunics and dresses, leggings, dark-colored footwear, and jazzy glasses, the girls look like any wacky and audacious kid you’d meet. The girls are not afraid to wear numerous colors at the same time or blend patterns and prints. Their cool and original style is a muse for all you other kids out there.


Mason DisickMason Disick

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian’s strikingly cute son Mason Disick is now four. Instead of following his dad’s restrained look, Mason has blazed his own signature style that includes capris, tank tops, sandals and fedoras. The laid-back beach style contrasts the rest of the family’s glamorous and sophisticated look.


?????????????????????????Romeo, Harper and Cruz Beckham

Children of David and Victoria Beckham, Romeo is now 10 years old and already taking over the modeling and fashion world. Girls all over the world are eyeing the little man in the new Burberry campaign release of their Spring Summer collection. Harper Beckham is only a year old and is already following her mother’s footsteps by being a part of the best dressed tot compilation. Adorned with the latest designer baby wear, the little tot already made an appearance at the NYC Fashion Week. We’re sure, once a little older she will be competing with Suri Cruise for the best dressed title. The Beckham’s younger son Cruz is surely not afraid of statement haircuts and is walking in the footsteps of older brother Romeo.


Shiloh, Vivian and Zahara Jolie – PittShiloh, Vivian and Zahara Jolie – Pitt

It’s hard to simply pick out just one of the Jolie-Pitt kids as they are all very stylish. The Jolie-Pitt kids look rocking in their own individual style. Zahara looks great in her skinny jeans and flowing tops while Vivian looks great in tailored European looks and Shiloh looks chic in her military jackets, chunky boots and V-neck cardigans. Zahara is often synonymous with sophistication, elegance and owns a girly wardrobe that is fit for a princess. She is known to drape herself comfortable in ruffled dresses, jelly sandals, leggings, flower hairbands, daring jewelry, smooth hairstyles and amazing handbags.


JaydJayden and Willow Smithen and Willow Smith

Every movie Will Smith touches turns a hit and he’s managed to pass on the talent to his children Jayden and Willow Smith. Not even in high school, both these wonder kids have managed to find their place in the film and music industry. Jayden always looks urban and polished in cargo pants, jackets and bow ties and as far as Willow is concerned, ever since she was young, her mother Jada Smith took her to NYC, LA and European haute couture fashion shows. Owing to this, the young lady is super comfortable on the red carpet. From unique hair styles to loud jewelry and bold animal prints to cut-out dresses, young Willow has been spotted in almost everything. Willow reminds us of Lady Gaga who was also willing to wear anything that made a statement. Together, the celebrity family is making its mark in Hollywood’s fashion world.


Suri Cruisesuri cruise

No list is complete without the queen of mini fashionistas, Suri Cruise, who seems to look flawless always. Born on April 8th, 2006 to Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, the seven year old hits the streets in the most modest yet stylish way. The young lady manages to turn heads everywhere she goes. The first public debut of the little face was on the cover of the Vanity Fair in 2006. The young lady is a true epitome of luxurious and glamorous style. We’ve never really seen her in pants and have always only seen her in signature dresses and skirts made from fabrics like silk, tulle or chiffon. Her favorite color and print seems to be pink and floral. The perfectly dressed little girl favors designer labels, A-line silhouettes, and the faux-fur stole. Suri’s all about the accessories and never seems to leave the house without a purse. Other accessories include stoles, statement jewels and hairbands. Suri’s ability to dress like older women amazes us. Not even in grade three, but she can already pull off pearls, red lipstick, high heels and fur oats much better than most of us. If that’s not totally inspiring, I don’t know what is!

Aren’t these kiddos cute? Which one is your favorite? Who did we leave off? Leave a comment and contribute to the Uptown Times.


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