6 Classic Perfumes

By on 28/04/2014

Do you like the way your grandmother smells? No it is not a funny questions, more than 1000 perfume a year are made and for most of us they are indistinguishable. Many of them disappear as fast as they are produced. How many of you hate going into a makeup store? Go to the classics.

Some of the classics made by the highest perfumers or couturier in France are still be used. Maybe you use them yourself…….

Classic fragrances are personal and have been used by the most luxurious of women. They will be in use as long as women are wearing perfume as they have passed the hardest test of all, the test of time.

Have a whiff and yes you will remember them. A good perfume is like a good bottle of wine. The surroundings are never forgotten.

Chanel N° 5 was created in 1921. She was always on the edge of modernity. She had no desire to conform to anyone. She was the first to use her name to call her perfume and to change the shape into a geometrical wonder. It is one of the best known perfumes in the world. Why is it call N° 5? Well 5 was her lucky number. Enjoy the smell of the flower garden as it lingers on your skin.

Thinking of Guerlain, I think of old ladies. Well, that changes the minutes you walk into a Guerlain shop. Your nose will be treated to perfumes from the 19th and 20th century that are still used today.

Eau Impériale was made in 1853 for Empress Eugenie (Napoléon’s wife) Even her husband wore it  which was indeed unheard of at the time. The perfume of bergamot and lemon is still presented in the same bottle using Napoleon’s crest.

What was the blue hour? What a creative name to call a perfume. Well, Geurlain was audacious to create L’Heure Bleu in1912. The time between daylight and dark, Frenchwomen were known to traditionally received their lovers. They then perfumed themselves for the obvious.

Wearing L’Heure Bleu shows the change in the role of the women, allow certain liberties as such. The art nouveau bottle is full of an oriental scent with iris, creating a powdery quality. The bottle, with its curlicues and stopper in the shape of upside-down heart, is typically Art Nouveau.

My grandmother wore Geurlain’s Shalimar created in 1925. It smell like vanilla sticks which have bathed in a spirit bath. The Shalimar Gardens were romantically filled with fountains as the bottle, itself represents the same form. Few know that the Shah who met his wife in the Shalimar Gardens went ahead and built the Taj Mahal.

It seems to go hand in hand that the grand couturier also create perfume. In 1947, Christian Dior presented his new look as well as his first fragrance. Miss Dior is a woody elegant perfume. The bottle looks like one of his suits. The name give the attitude of a chic young woman.

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Yves Saint Laurent lived an audacious life. Imagining naming a perfume, the name of a drug? Opium (1977) in is woody spicy scent is one of the most popular perfumes today. He  was influenced by the Asian opium boxes and transferred the idea to the auburn bottles; The perfume has been kept alive by the beautiful women who have been associated with it for over 35 years.

Are any of you using these classics. Are you using any others of the 6 Celebrity Perfumes? Let us know.

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