A Haute Couture Life

By on 26/06/2014

Haute couture is a French term that defines exclusive, customized, made to order for a specific customer using high-class, posh materials and sewn with tremendous attention to detail and completed by the most skilled and competent seamstresses, repeatedly using lengthy and manual skills.


During the Golden Globes red carpet event, Jennifer Lawrence walked with grace and when asked what she was wearing, she replied, “Dior Haute Couture”. By some means, we have a feeling that many would actually not know what haute couture really means and so here we are to impart some information on what haute couture really is and how to achieve one.

Essentially, haute couture is designed and fitted just for you. When you wear such an outfit, you are bound to look and feel fabulous. Have you ever thought of haute couturing your life? Is your life not haute couture? If not, then what is it?

Is your life being designed and crafted by you? No. then it’s more likely a common, knock-off life which is demanding, tough, boring, lackluster, passionless, stressful and fatiguing. By doing things that other’s feel you must do and by wearing clothes that don’t suit you and make you look attractive, by eating out of bags and living a life of uninspiration for others, you are living the dreaded knock-off life. However, don’t fret. Look inside your mirror and look for your inner Coco who knows what looks good on you and what makes you happy.

Channel your inner Coco as no one is more equipped to be able to create a haute couture life for you than yourself. Your soul is essentially the designer which guides you towards the perfect fitted life and your mind is the seamstress that helps you create it in the real world.

So readers take some deep breaths and read on to know how you can create some haute-ness in your lifestyle.

Say a Big NO to Knock Offs: When walking on the streets (almost everywhere in the world), at some point or the Chanel_Haute_Couture_Fall-Winter_2011other, you might have been approached by a street vendor who is trying to sell you a knock off Chanel or Hermes. The best thing to do is to say no. if you can’t afford the real thing, don’t take it. Personally, I feel the same about my own life and I really only, only and only want the actual thing. Here are some tips:

  • Let go off a strenuous relationship. It could be a friend who is forever unreasonable or a boyfriend who is over shielding.
  • Let go off clothes that don’t really make you feel beautiful and attractive. Do it one at a time or a substantial sluice, whatsoever suits you.
  • Treat time as a article of trade and don’t spend it robotically or without a focus, as this surely does not fit into a haute couture life.
  • Clear and cleanse your opinions and feelings. Then, collect and create new thoughts.
  • Create space for novelty, creativeness, stimulation and inspiration.

Gather Your Zeal: When a designer conceptualizes an outfit, (s)he starts with an inspiration. It could be a color, place, piece of artwork, certain designs, etc. The second step includes sketching the ideas on paper. You must do the same to create a haute couture life. Look out for things that you are passionate about and feel inspirational and commit to spend some time in your daily life to fulfill your passions.

Focus on Quality: Imagine paying $50,000 for a dress of which the material was sourced from a mass production Chinese factory? This surely isn’t haute couture. To live a haute couture life, focus on infusing it with quality. Rid your life of stressful relationships ,crappy thoughts, junk foods and mess so that you can concentrate on pure quality.

Detailing: A home-cooked meal, a pot of fresh flowers, a handwritten letter, a stunning scarf and many more. Ensure you inculcate such pretty detailing in your everyday life. Your life will surely not be haute couture without these pleasurable activities.

Be Original: Most haute couture pieces you see at the runways during fashion shows are original, unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. If your life is designed to look like people close by, it’s not haute couture and rather is a replication of everyone around you.

47586-hi-FW11-frontpageSlow Down: A haute couture outfit can take over thousand hours to create and this is no different to a customized life. Do not hurry your life because that creates dread, panic and nervousness. Create your haute couture life with inspiration, excitement and joy. Learn to enjoy mealtimes, saunter around the locality, read, long hot water bubble baths, etc. Anything that makes you happy should be done. Truly, the haute couture way of life is slow, sluggish and sexy.

It’s Not Always About The Money: By materialistic standards, many are not wealthy but live a very modest life. They have a life filled with simple pleasures and that truly is real wealth. They live a haute couture life by finding pleasure in life’s daily activities like biking to the park with children, spending some quality time with friends and families, barbeques, etc. What I want to point out here is that haute couture life is not about having gaudy embellishment on everything you do and own but includes life’s simple pleasures. In today’s world, most people are guided by money and materialism which encourages them to work harder, keep up with colleagues and friends that leads to heaps of stress. In other ways, it maybe the life  of the wealthy on the outside but poverty inside and in more simple words, an extravagant knocks-off life. According to me, for a haute couture life, rely on beautiful, customized pleasures that brim on life’s simple pleasures and elegance.

Flaunt Your Life: Love your self-designed, beautiful and grand life. And if you love something, you must flaunt it. Make the world know what you’ve got!

Please share your haute couture life secrets with us and our readers in the section below. Tell us how you found your inspiration and if there are special ways you use to add sparkle to your life.

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