A Suite of Luxury

By on 09/05/2014

To some London is the city of opportunity while to some it is the city of marvel and to some the city of love. Every person has their own outlook about the city. But there is one common opinion that is shared by all and that is: London is expensive.

Luxury, style and elegance in London come with a cost and the cost is high. If you are looking to spoil yourself when in London, there is nothing better than being whisked into one of the many luxury hotel suites. However, if you fancy the ultimate luxury when here, book yourself into the Royal Suite at The Lanesborough Hotel, available at £8,000 per night.

London’ hottest hotel, is a 250-year old hospital building masterfully revamped into a grand hotel with 93 guest rooms of which 43 are suites enthused by the Regency period. Located in the center of posh Knightsbridge district opposite Hyde Park, the Lanesborough’s Royal Suite is London’s most exclusive and expensive hotel suite. While artistic minds will appreciate the authentic and the genuine artwork around the hotel corridors and rooms, technology freaks will love the masked high-end technology used in the hotel.

From stunning floor to ceiling windows that yield fabulous and splendid views of the Constitutional Arch and manicured lawns of Buckingham Palace to the bedroom, drawing room, dining area, kitchen, study and butler service, everything are extravagant.

What’s even more special about this suite? The room is located in a concealed setting inside the hotel and is only known to a few discerning hotel employees.


If hungry, head to Apsleys, which is managed by Michelin-star chef Heinz Beck, or retreat to the library bar or cigar room in the evening for a drink and some snacks. Alternatively, if you fancy, head to the in-house luxury Spa Studio that uses premium beauty products by Ytsara and La Prairie.

Two nights at the hotel can pay for a year’s college tuition fee at a private university. However, even if you can pay for the room, you’ll be put on the waiting list behind celebrities such as Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio as well as royal heads and visiting heads of state from around the world as the room is booked well into next year.



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