A wardrobe changes with age

By on 09/06/2014

6a011570a966f2970b0162ff73a9f3970d-800wiHow to build a wardrobe in your 30s when there is a decreasing gap between the thirties and twenties routine, be it fashion, fitness or grooming. At Uptown Times, we feel the need for upgrading your wardrobe to a slightly more mature one and we are positive this can do wonders to your personal style.  After all, what really is in, is being a trend-setter and not a trend-follower. With this in mind, we help you in your ‘dress well’ attempt by compiling a list of must-haves for women in their thirties.


Tailored Solid Suit and Blazer298441562_077

Don’t buy this one from the store, but get it tailored. A well-tailored outfit ensures it’ll fit your proportions perfectly and will surely take the professional look to the next level. Get some cute blazers that fit you well. Trust us; these are essentials that will surely complete a look by adding more dimension and structure. Stock up on white blouses and tees as you will always need them. They never really seem to out of style and always ensure a sharp look.


Little Blacimagesk Shift Dress and Pencil Skirt

Buy yourself to a shift dress that can go from the meeting room to a dinner. After all, it’s all about versatility. There really is a reason why Jennifer Aniston is always in a little black dress. The classic dress is a foolproof way to look stylish and a fail-safe closet win. You can’t go wrong with a pencil skirt as they are always trendy and guarantee an hourglass figure — even if you don’t have the curves.


Fancy Silk Scarves and a Cashmere Sweadysmorphic-silk-scarfter

Get a fancy silk scarf to add that pop of color to any outfit. The scarf can easily be added to any simple outfit to give it that oomph. The best part about scarves is they can be wrapped in manifold ways and make anything look more stylish. We guarantee you that your cashmere sweater will be an investment that will last, provided you take good care of it.


fall_winter_2013_2014_handbag_trends_reptile_skin_bagsNice Footwear and Handbags

Get yourself nice sandals that are not the flip flops you loved at university. Get a pair of black pumps and at least a couple of colorful heels to add that dash of color to a basic outfit. Invest in a good pair of boots that you won’t be embarrassed to wear around the office and that can endure any kind of weather be it snow, sleet or rain. There is absolutely no reason why a handbag cannot be fashionable and functional. Find the right handbag that will showcase your individuality as well as enhance and complement your outfit.

Trendy OuteSimple-Leather-Jacket-for-Women-frontrwear

Don’t feel guilty in adding a leather jacket to your wardrobe. You won’t regret the investment as you will easily be able to carry it into your 40s. Kate Middleton is known for possessing numerous trendy yet classic coats. To imitate the Duchess of Cambridge, we recommend you get your hands on one or more of these coats.


best-eye-creamsMost important

Get yourself a good hair dryer as the wet look will not help anymore. Invest in some good toiletries and cosmetics including an eye cream. After all, not everyone gets 8 hours of much required beauty sleep.


So this brings us to an end of how to dress in your thirties. We hope you enjoyed reading our article and feel more confident towards this age of life. Tell us about your wardrobe favorites, your own signature style, your personal style icons that are in their thirties and any other opinion or tips in the comments section below.

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