Add the Home Spa Touch

By on 30/10/2014

 Add the Home Spa Touch

GADGET2The age of the no-frills bathroom, where visits were concise, seems to be over. Add the Home Spa Touch, from massaging shower sprays to water-resistant entertainment, seems resolute to make you want to pamper yourself for longer. The article brings together some of the hottest and most in-demand gadgets for those who prefer the DIY approach. These user-friendly, not-very-expensive tools equip your bathroom or another room of the house with spa products and technology that ensure loads of glitz, glow and glam.

Body Massager: A big no to the dilapidated old recliner. If you really want some serious relaxation, invest smaller body massagers that consume less space and target your sore muscles with a compact body massager. So if it’s tired feet you are worried about, get one specifically for your feet or if its tense shoulders, get something for the shoulders

Face Care: Most spa fans love to pamper their face with a rejuvenating facial, which is now available at home thanks to the latest technology. Today’s facial care technology includes gadgets that feature micro-dermabrasion features to remove dead epidermal cells as well as oxygenated mists that result in fresher skin. Alternatively, there are many portable facial steamers that help your complexion with a personalized treatment.

Flameless Candles: You won’t be able to relax to the fullest when you are worried about burning the buildingGAGDET4 down. The flameless candles are a safe alternative to get the atmosphere without the added stress. You can pick from a variety of colors and impressions.

Towel Warmer: These tiny things can make a difference. A hot towel right after a cold shower will help you stay relaxed. You can save on floor space by investing a wall-mounted model or a countertop model.

Aromatherapy Diffuser: Invest in an aromatherapy diffuser to ensure you reach the ultimate in relaxation as the
assortment of calm fragrances with help soothe the senses. Diffusers too have joined the high-tech bandwagon with ones that also hook up to an MP3 player to provide calm music and LEDs to display relaxed colored lights for a complete sensory experience.

Sound Machine: Background noise can effectively calm the mind whether you are relaxing in the bath or trying to go into sleep. Invest in a battery powered model that will make it easy to relocate the gadget wherever you want to take it to.

Magnifying Light Up Mirror: This is a must have and how else will you be able to clearly see all that your skin has to reveal?

?????????????Bubble Spa Bath Mat: No worries if you can’t afford a Jacuzzi at home. Add the bubble spa bath mat and you’ll be able to turn any regular bath tub into a spa.

As technology becomes more and more sophisticated and affordable (with lower priced alternatives), it is becoming easier to bring the spa home. However, just like everywhere there is a lot of competition and numerous options available for each type of gadget so it’ll be a good idea to do a thorough research before you invest in any. What do you think of these gadgets? Have you or would you want to give them a try? If yes, which ones?

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