An Expensive Pair of Shoes

By on 03/06/2014

cn_image_4.size.harry-winston-shanghai-store-06An expensive pair of shoes shouldn’t means you have to part away with your car or house or jewelry but to take  a look at them never hurts. Shoes are one of the utmost fascinations of women all around the world and they can never have enough. An expensive pair of shoes is part of every women’s wardrobe, only if it isn’t the most expensive in the world.

In the past, the purpose of buying a pair of shoes was to have something to protect one’s feet and anything sturdy, comfortable, reasonably priced and somewhat nice looking was appreciated. However, today shoes are an artwork and the cost of purchasing these fine-looking pieces of art can lead you into monetary trouble.

It’s a woman’s reverie to have her feet covered with diamonds, rubies and crystals. That’s exactly what some designers have done. They have created ornamented shoes that are the fantasy footwear of the filthy rich.

The world’s most expensive pair is yours at a monstrous price tag of $3 million. Almost House-of-Harry-Winstons-Ruby-Slipperseveryone is familiar with Metro Goldwyn Myer’s The Wizard of Oz marvelous looking and magical shoes. The house of Harry Winston re-created the ‘Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers’ in size 4 and substituted the sequins with almost 50 carat diamond and more than 4600 pieces of sparkling red rubies, totaling to 1350 carats of rubies.

The Ruby slippers debuted during the 50th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz in 1989 by Ronald Winston of the House of Harry Winston. The most exclusive shoes in the world took two whole months to finish and were put together by Javier Barrera. Only the movie’s lead star, Judy Garland got the honor of wearing the most expensive pair of shoes in the world.

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