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By on 30/09/2014

In the fast pace of today’s lifestyle, there are times when there is absolutely no time to relax. Considering this, it is easy to forget what your body needs. Luckily, thanks to technology and apps available on mobile devices, it’s becoming easier by the day to promote healthy living. While there are hundreds to select from, we have shortlisted a couple of health apps that help abide by a healthier lifestyle.

WeilosWeilos: Weilos builds a community of users who are trying to lose weight. This is a picture taking app that aims users to document weight loss through selfies. Users can then post them on the social network and if they want, make it public for others to see and comment. In addition to selfies, users can post pictures of anything related to losing weight from working out pictures to diet food pictures. The community also allows users to post status updates of the weight loss goals achieved.

Fitocracy: Fitocracy states that most people who embark on a diet only count calories and not macros (feeling hungry, being irritable and lack of energy) and by targeting macros it allows them to avoid them. The app has an option to search for foods from a nutritional database, count fiber, alcohol and water.

nikeNike Training Club: This is a training app that is specifically targeted at women who can select from free individual
workouts or long-term structured programs to stay toned and fit. The 100 different workouts are conducted by famous ‘Nike Master Trainers’ like Maria Sharapova and include a range of 15, 30 and 45 minutes. The app supports English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, French, German and Russian languages.

Carrot Fit: Carrot Fit uses a female voiced artificial intelligence who cheers users when he or she losses weight and rebukes them for weight gains. Users can enter their details manually and then the accomplishments are calculated through a graph. It calculates the BMI and also allows the user to feed in details like weight loss goals.

weight-watchers-iphoneWeight Watchers Mobile: If you are trying to lose weight, this app helps you keep track of what you eat throughout the day. While the app is free to download, you have to pay for the program to actually get most of the benefits.

Fitbit: The app can be used solely or with the company’s smart wristbands to track the activity and training. The wristband allows you to count exact step counts and the calories burned, log workouts and track your diet. If you don’t use the wristband, the app uses iPhone’s 5s’s M7 co-processor to track your movements.

Moves: The app also uses iPhone’s 5s’s M7 co-processor to trackMoves your movements and count your steps. The app helps track the distance you travel by bicycle or foot every day. The journey appears as a storyline and notes the routes taken from place to place which is highlighted on a map. The app also tells you the steps you have taken and the calorie intake so you can chart your daily progress.

7-Minute Workout: The app is modeled after the ‘Scientific 7-Minute Workout’ that provides users with full body workouts that are completed in 7 minutes. The exercises are divided in three skill levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced.

SnoreLabSnoreLab: Bad snoring and sleep apnea is not only disturbing to the person who shares the room with you but can also have a serious health impact. Find out how bad it is for you and how to combat the issue with easy-to-follow remedies prescribed in the app.

My FitnessPal: Calorie counting and diet tracking never looked so good. This app allows users to watch what they eat and see how each meal or snack affects them.

Pocket Yoga: The app includes more than 200 yoga poses andyoga gives audio and visual instructions to guide you through each yoga position.

Pocket First Aid and CPR: The app is a real life saver and an easy-to-use emergency guide that includes information on first aid, medical injury, CPR, automated external defibrillators and environment emergencies. All the content provided on the app is by the American Heart Association which is USA’s oldest and largest charitable health organization.

sympleSymple: If you suffer from occasional ankle pains or headaches or other pains? This app allows you to track those times when you experience such symptoms and keep daily notes and photos. It also allows you to track medications and exercise to target the pain. The app has an easy export option so once there is enough information gathered you can print it out and pass it to your doctor for review.

Drugs.Com: When you are in need of reliable information about certain medications, check out this app. Personalize your drug list to keep track of what medications you are taking and receive necessary medical information. The app has an in-built search tool that allows you to browse through extensive medicine databases.

KidsDoc: We’re sure, like other parents, there have been times you wished your childkidsdoc came with an operating manual. The app is a modern response to parents needs and help cries. The app allows you to select from 99 symptoms and helps find information on how to respond to your child’s needs. Most usual symptoms from mosquito bites to runny noses are covered in this app.

Whole Foods Market: The app offers access to a collection of over 3000 recipes and features search options to browse by course, cuisine, special dietary requirements and more. Once you select dishes you may want to try, it will automatically add the ingredients to your shopping list. Even better, if you want to skip shopping, you can search for recipes that call for ingredients you already have in the kitchen.

healthtapHealthTap: When you need answers from a doctor, open HealthTap and get your questions answered by over 50,000 real doctors in 137 specialties. The app generates daily health tips via a doctor database.

Keeping track of your body has never been so easy and easily reached. Download the apps you need and update them regularly to receive precious and helpful insights into your daily health. Share your achievement with these apps in the comments below.

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