Best New Travel Gadgets for 2014

By on 02/07/2014

From wearable computers to design forward chargers to Bluetooth wireless speakers, gadgets that are going to be launched in 2014 will add that extra convenience and pleasure levels to travelers. Uptown Times brings you a list of some interesting travel gadgets that have either already been launched in the year beginning or will be launched in the latter half of 2014.

Basis Health Tracker for Fitness, Sleep & Stress (2014 Ed.)The fitness band comes with a colorful Electric Spring Strap (additional $35) and helps track steps and more. Wouldn’t it feel great when you see on your band that you just walked 15000 steps at your next trek in Switzerland? You can know how much you’ve walked, run, cycled or slept on your vacation and also get detailed feedback including calories burnt about your everyday habits.

LaCie Fuel ($200): Sync movies on your iPod, iPhone or laptop before you head out on your holiday. As even the 120 GB on the iPad Air feels less, the LaCie Fuel offers 1 TB storage that can allow streaming more than 500 movies or 160,000 images to up to five devices at the same time.

Sony FDR – AX 100 4K Handycam Camcorder ($2000): What can get better than a smartphone that shoots inSony FDR – AX 100 4K Handycam Camcorder full 1080p HD video? It’s Sony’s new Handycam Camcorder, which is the world’s first handheld consumer camcorder that shoots in 4K. This means excellent panorama shots that are four times the resolution of HD, wherever they are viewed.

Sekonix DLP Pico Keychain Projector: The world’s tiniest projector and no larger than a slice of bread with the crusts cut off. Pop it into your pocket, affix it to your keys and use it to turn any hotel room wall into a film screen. It gets better: the quality matches that of a DVD. The product should get launched by the end of July 2014.

Morphie Space PackMorphie Space Pack ($150): This is the latest addition to the list of travel gadgets that the company has to offer. Not only does this gadget double the battery life of your phone, it also doubles the data storage to 32 GB to fill with your favorite tunes, videos or vacation photos. A companion application integrates with iTunes and photo gallery and allows you to access and manage files that you may have downloaded.

Polaroid Z2300 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera (White)

The Socialmatic Camera: Instragram started something of a revolution when they introduced the masses the ability to filter photos and edit them. The Socialmatic Camera takes it a step ahead by combing the filters with Polaroid technology allowing travelers the facility to print on the go. The tiny compact camera has a lens at the front and back with a built in Wi-Fi function so you can share on social media on the way. The printed pictures come out in a 2×3-inch size.

Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2-inch Tablet: with an enormous 12.2-inchSamsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2-inch Tablet screen, this is an ideal tablet for in-flight movie watchers and road travelers. The bigger screen offers extra benefits like more space for note taking, comment making and doodling on the included S Pen and multi-window that allows you to work on four different apps simultaneously.

The TREWGrip Keyboard: Next time you see someone struggling to type on a tablet, you might want to tell him/her to try the TREWGrip Keyboard. The keys face away from the user and once you get the hang of them you will be able to type away to glory. In addition, the Wi-Fi allows you to become available almost everywhere.

NueVue Case for iPhone and iPadNueVue Case for iPhone and iPad ($45): The NueVue case is perfect to the after effects of using it in germ and bacteria prone areas as it cleans the screen with its antimicrobial lining. After application, 80 percent of the screen will be germ free in just 15 minutes. Moreover, in 2-hours it will be 100 percent germ free.

Pebble Steel ($249): The Pebble Steel offer the same battery life and waterproof functionality like its pioneers but is slimmer, tinier and comes with a Gorilla Glass screen now. The gadget allows the user to directly download wrist-ready applications like Yelp, Foursquare and Google Maps.

Dish Anywhere Hopper Transfers ($30 per month): WanDish Anywhere Hopper Transferst to access HBO GO abroad or when on the flight? We all know current TV sessions won’t steam well over international borders or on in-air Wi-Fi. However, now with the Dish Anywhere Hopper Transfer

Tylt Energi 2K ($40): In addition to looking polished in vivacious yellow, red, or blue, the Energi 2K serves two functions that haven’t been obtainable in handy power devices so far. This is an AC adapter for your iPhone, iPad, and other USB-powered devices. Moreover, it acts as an exterior battery that can power the phone on one charge. What’s even better is that you can charge your device and the Energi 2K’s battery simultaneously.

Sony Xperia Z1SSony Xperia Z1S ($528): Sony’s Xperia is debatably the best Android camera phone for travelers. The 20.7-megapixel camera and BIONZ image processor generate lucid and colorful, low-light shots and is waterproof for underwater shoots.

If you already own any of these devices, please tell us about your experience. If you’d like to tell us about a gadget we missed out on, please use the section below. As usual, we always love to hear your comments and experiences.

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