Can You Over-Wind A Mechanical Watch?

By on 30/08/2014

670px-UseThumbIndexFinger-Step-3I am an automatic watch lover, but I recently invested in a manual watch. Like me, if you are a manual watch owner, have you ever wondered if it is possible to overwind it? Have you ever heard from people that and overwound manual watch can actually be damaged?

Here is what the Uptown Times watch nerds have to say. While there is no single answer that applies to all movements as there are so many differences, however, the fact remains that most modern manual watches cannot be overwind. For the older movement timepieces, it is possible. Also, the modern movements that are made in China are still made like old movements and they can be overwound.

Most new watches have winding limiters that avert them from being over wound until they are damaged. This is particularly correct with automatic watches that simply coil into perpetuity because the winding system decouples from the mainspring. With modern manual timepieces, you’ll feel the winding stem ‘stop’ when the mainspring is filled. Most people will be able to feel the resistance for sure.

Remember if you force it, you might just break it. When it comes to lower-quality mechanical movements from China or older movements that don’t have these guard systems, owners need to be more vigilant when winding such timepieces. In earlier days when these older timepieces were worn, people could count the number of turns and more or less re-wind them at the same time every day.

To conclude, most modern mechanical watches cannot be over wound and surely offers enjoyable wearing and operating experience without fright of unintentional accidental harm.

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