Different Colored Diamonds

By on 16/04/2014

Did you know diamonds are available in a multitude of colors? These fancy and rare diamonds are naturally colored because of the different conditions and elements they had been exposed to during their  formation. Note that these diamonds are different from synthetically treated diamonds that are created by gemologists.

No matter what your likes and dislikes are, you are sure to find a color diamond to suit your taste and make a great piece of jewellery. Each color is unique, which increases its overall appeal. While colored diamonds are not as common as white diamonds, they are certainly more enchanting and rare. The value of the colored diamond is dependent on the rarity of its color and the carat weight.

Each of the different color diamonds have been interpreted in a different way with varied meanings. While diamonds come in shades and hues of almost over 300 colors, our article discusses them in broader categories.

While/Clear Diamonds: Signifies peace, illumination, purity and innocence. The diamond color promotes cleansing and provides clarity. In some parts of the world, the color white represents truth and enlightment. Select a clear or white diamond if you want to de-clutter, put obstacles away, start a new and fresh beginning, bring in mental clarity and purify thoughts and actions. The best part of a clear diamond is that all colors are present in white, which makes it a hub of the strongest light energy possible. By wearing a white diamond, you will be adorning yourself with an insignia of wholeness. Consider bestowing a white diamond upon someone with whom you would like to start afresh and clear all obstacles and misunderstandings.

Red Colored Diamonds:  Signifies confidence, self-awareness, stability and self-power.

rediamondThe color tends to energize the physical body with its surroundings and bestow energy on all levels. Add the vitality of red diamonds in your life if you want more energy, increased enthusiasm, confidence to fulfill your dreams and protection from internal fears and anxieties. If you believe your loved one is a great source of strength for you and represents stability in your life, buy her a red colored diamond. The diamond is also considered a stress-buster that will ensure emotional well-being in the relationship. In China, red is considered the color of good luck. Moreover, red colored diamonds are the rarest of all colored diamonds.

Pink Colored Diamonds: Signifies creativity, unconditional love and romance.


pinkPink is associated with unrestricted love for self as well as others. Select a pink diamond if you want to increase the level of tenderness and care that you impart, increase self-worth and acceptance, neutralize disorder and overwrought emotions, relax your mind, and want contentment. If gifting a pink diamond to someone, it will convey your unconditional love, care, tenderness and acceptance. Moreover, it can strengthen the loved one’s sense of self worth.



Yellow Colored Diamonds: Signifies happiness, joy and self worth.

yellowThis color of diamond makes us understand how we feel about ourselves and how we must perceive about ourselves. The color ensures clarity of thought, stimulates interest and curiosity and increases awareness of the personal self, ego and intellect to connect to the mental self. Select a yellow colored diamond if you require clarity for decision-making, sharper memory, more attentiveness and awareness, guard from laziness, sluggishness and depression and respite from panic, fatigue and anxiety. The color of diamonds is also associated with friendship.




Purple Colored Diamonds: Signifies nobility, luxury, universal connection and spiritual well being.

Purple or violet is viewed as a color of royalty and also signifies the union with your higher self and higher consciousness. The diamond color ensures ample connection with the spiritual self and brings guidance, inner strength and wisdom to purify thoughts and feelings. Buy your loved one a purple colored diamond if you want them to make most of their imagination power, re-balance their life, remove obstacles from their life and energize themselves by calming nerves. The colored diamond will inspire them with wisdom and inner strength.

Green Colored Diamonds: Signifies prosperity and nature.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It is also related to love and self-love that is the ability to love one as well as others unconditionally. The color helps calm down and unwind muscles, nerves and opinion, purifies, and balances the vigor to renew the stressed mind and body. Select a green diamond if you want a new state of balance, need change or growth, liberty to initiate new ideas and protection from fears and anxieties. If you give a green colored diamond to your partner, it will be symbolized as your trust in her as green is also the color of trust, which is essential for a healthy relationship. It is sure to achieve a balance between your own needs and others. The color will also initiate a sense of renewal and growth in a relationship that might have been neglected due to everyday living pressures.

Blue Colored Diamonds: Signifies peace, good health, spiritual well being and self-expression.

blueBlue is associated with the ability to communicate needs and requirements. It has a appeasing consequence on the nervous system and brings in relaxation. The color also connects us to holistic thoughts, imparts wisdom and clarity. Add a blue diamond to your life if you want calmness and relaxation to neutralize chaos, anxiety and agitation, open a communication flow, broadened perspective of learning new things and peace. This color of diamonds is also linked to responsibility for oneself. By wearing a blue colored diamond, you can expect stimulation to look inside your inner self beyond material comforts and ego. By gifting the blue colored diamond, you will help your partner to connect spiritually with the universe.

Orange Colored Diamonds: Signifies energy, enthusiasm, creativity and productivity.

orangeThis is surely the color of success and also relates to self-respect. The color brings in enthusiasm and joy into daily life and strengthens the craving for life. The emotion stimulant color helps connect one’s senses and removes inhibitions to make the individual more independent and social. Add an orange diamond in your jewellery collection when you want to add vigor to life, become more involved in something, increase creativity and relieve self from too much seriousness.

Black Colored Diamonds: Signifies sophistication. While many see black as a negative color, black colored diamonds are symbolized with classiness and superiority. Black is also related to self-responsibility and being responsible for one’s own actions and trusting the intuition. The color’s energy connects the wearer to its unconscious self and strengthens intuition, psychic powers, imagination and dream activity. Add a black diamond in your life if you want to focus on personal issues more, develop your intuition, add some solitude and bring in the feeling of superiority in life. The black diamond also represents excellence because of their indestructibility. It is believed to develop the user’s life by bringing in more clarity in the users mind and life. They are believed to make most of the individual’s energy and surroundings. It eliminates pessimistic thoughts and helps achieve dreams. The stone attracts wealth, power, profusion, stamina, resourcefulness, cleanliness, thoughts, faithfulness, virtue, synchronization, self-esteem, love and superiority. Moreover, the stone is believed to protect the wearer from thieves, fire, toxin, sickness, water and sorcery. It is also believed that the power of the black diamond is increased when worn on the left hand or around the neck. The stone also ensures relief from a varied number of diseases. As per Hindu beliefs, the vibration of the black diamond’s helps strengthen all organs of the human body, mind and heart.

Brown Colored Diamonds: Signifies tradition and harmony.

brownBrown, tan or champagne colored diamonds are often connected to the earth and nature. These diamonds enhance negative energy and are excellent for blocking pressure and imparting courage and strength. The brown colored diamond motivates initiative, conveys simplicity and favors enlightenment. Moreover, they are said to heal glaucoma, heal lightheadedness, treat vertigo, improve sight, cleanse and detoxify body, rebalance metabolism and build endurance and power. Many also believe that these colored diamonds could revert luck and rebel effects of astrological events.

When buying a colored diamond for a loved one or self, it is important to understand the meaning it carries. We hope by reading the article, you have understood the significance each of the color has. So which colored diamond do you plan to invest in next for yourself or your partner? Tell us in the comments section below.

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