Elegance after 40

By on 18/07/2014

How life still should still have ‘joie de vivre’ (joy of life) when you have reached 40 years old. Elegance after 40 should be no different than at thirty other than being able to take some liberties that might surprise you. The UpTown Times slogan ‘Live life simply, yet Elegantly’ is at is highest.

1. Take the time to work on you as how you are perceived by others:

  • speak more softly,
  • have excellent manners,
  • show restraint in expressing your anger even if you consider yourself right
  • never yell or scream
  • listen without interrupting
  • learn the art of conversation
  • don’t complain, wait your turn when needed
  • don’t use inappropriate language
  • learn to say no but without loosing composure
  • take the time to listen, to say please and thank you
  • be positive
  • simplify your life but confident in what you do

2. Your Physical Appearance:

  • wear solid colors
  • so be enticed by fads
  • wear sports clothes when you excersice
  • practice good posture,
  • do not overdo the accessories
  • maintain good health
  • well clothes which are your size

3. Signature signs of an Elegant women of the 40′s

  • you should take care of your pearls
  • have a perfume that is yours and people can identify you by the smell
  • if you entertain at home, have a special dish that is yours
  • your house should have one colour scheme that is seen through out the home
  • sincerity and integrity, you should be known for not talking about others and being discrete

4. Surprising ideas

  • it is the time to send thank you notes, birthday cards and holiday cards. People will be delighted by the elegance of your gesture.
  • make sure you are well dressed when you travel. UpTown specialists has mentioned this in several travel articles. You are treated differently.
  • don’t worry about wearing less make-up.
  • put a scarf on your bag and don’t forget to use a clutch the evening
  • be well read and know how to discuss the major periods in art and music.
  • depending on the culture, arrive on time

5. Quality become more important than quantity. Live a life simply, yet elegantly.

  • unclutter your home
  • be a lady or gentlemen
  • keep a bouquet of flowers
  • learn proper etiquette for each situation and different cultures.
  • thoughtful gifts, rather than expensive ones
  • money does not equal elegance, nor is it necessary to be elegant. An elephant in a crystal shop will always be.

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