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By on 31/05/2014


???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????My heart longs for London. The romance, the culture, the fashion, the music and the art, there truly is nothing like it. Many years ago, I returned to my home country after being conversant with London for the very first time. I felt homesick for a country I had just met. After sulking around for months, I made a conscious decision; I wanted to study at a university in London. If you feel the same and long to live a life of style and elegance in London like the locals, follow the tips mentioned below. I call this article Enjoy London. Enjoy!

Dress It Up: London is known for its fashion and style. Over here fashion is an art and is a form of creativity.  As mentioned by Aisling of Tresor Parisien, “your wardrobe is your armour to the world”. Wear your finest, no matter where you’re going. Whether you are headed to the corner store or for a fancy dinner out, ensure you are well dressed and in style. Invest in excellent basics and you’ll manage to look chic without much effort put in. Think about your shoes, bags and accessories! Fabulous shoes and quality handbags speak volumes about style even if the attire just consists of simple denims and basic tees. Begin shopping for a collection of quality scarves and favour a stunning scarf over excessive jewellery. Limit the use of casual denims and choose quality wares over quantity.

Red-Carnation_Outdoor-Dining-In-London_Garden-Cafe-W1Elegant Tea and a Leisurely Meal: Make it a part of your daily routine. Relax and savor the moment or two while enjoying a delicious cup of tea. It might be a good idea sometime to slow down and appreciate life as it comes. Slow down and treat your beautiful body to an elegant meal. Wine, fine dining, excellent company and interesting conversation are the key components to embodying the British lifestyle. Allow meals to loiter, conversation to wander and time to wait for you. Alternatively, sit on the bench alongside River Thames or in a park for lunch instead of the office. I promise it will taste and feel better.

Music and Read: Londoners relish their time with excellent books. Get yourself a thriller or romance, whatever that might amuse your fancy. Take some time out to escape and indulge in a classic or a stimulating magazine. Listen to some British classical music, which will transport you to another world altogether.

Kings-Cross-Picnic_3_-CMickey-LeeGet Outside: It’s springtime and Londoners are rarely found inside. Experience nature and appreciate it to help boost your mind. If you have heard the expression “stop and smell the roses”, take an additional stride to plant your own. The British love their gardens. Take some time out and grow some fresh flowers in your garden. It truly is relaxing and beautiful to watch them grow.

Curiosity: London evolves. Continue the desire to learn your entire life. There is so much around you to learn and experience. You might have been there a thousand times, but you are sure to see it with a new set of eyes each time just like as if it’s your first time. This is the beauty of London. We guarantee you a new experience every time you visit even the same place in London.

London new yearEmbrace Your Unique Beauty: Imperfect is just fine as perfect only appears on television. Radiate self-confidence with the way you pace, what you wear and how you carry yourself. Worry less about what others think and instead just be who you want to be. Believe in yourself and dream.

When you reside in London, you’ll certainly not want to leave. When you’re away from the city, you’ll long to return. Its efficacy, adequacy, practicality, amalgamation of cultures and entrenched history that will want you to come back for more. When you dwell in London, you feel like you are truthfully a part of a lifestyle.

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