Expensive Junk Foods

By on 04/06/2014

??????????? Expensive junk foods do exist though for most junk food is Mc Donald, KFC or Burger Kings. This article is taken with a little bit of cheek as the trend of gourmet pizza, hot dog and hamburgers is exploding all over. For a burger with digestible gold specs and caviar topped deserts, chefs haven’t held back in their quest to appeal to the wealthiest people. Uck.

If you ever wondered which are the worlds 6 most expensive junk foods, this article covers it all. Most of the foods mentioned in the article cost a lot because of their composition which includes edible gold, truffles, caviar and even diamonds.


‘Cupcake Dress’, Food Network UK: 1,275‘Cupcake Dress’, Food Network UK

The cupcake dress was touted in ad campaigns for the Food Network UK. The dress was made from 300 edible cupcakes in red, pink and purple, weighed 28 pounds and took 3 days to make. The cupcake dress was featured during the London Fashion Week. Designed by Janis Morrison, the dress was inspired by Marie Antoinette. Look at those red shoes. If you like them go read the article about the Wizard of Oz.


New York’s 230 Fifth Hot Dog

New York’s 230 Fifth Hot Dog: $2,000

In New York’s, outdoor rooftop garden restaurant and bar, is serving the world’s most expensive hot dog which in infused with cognac and contains lobster and sprinkled with mushroom dust. The hot dog is made from aged Japanese Wagyu beef, black truffles, white truffles, saffron and its Vidalia onions are caramelized in Dom Perignon champagne and the sauerkraut is braised in caviar and Cristal Champagne. With enormous views of the Empire State Building, the restaurant is a celebrity favorite and getting in can be difficult if you don’t have a big connection. You, however, don’t have to feel guilty about spending $2,000 on a hot dog as the more than 75% of the proceeds are donated to a charity for the homeless. Perhaps we should have put this first.


Margo’s Pizzeria’ Valletta, Malta: $2,420Margo’s Pizzeria’ Valletta, Malta

Some claim this restaurant to serve the best pizza ever. The Pizzeria is a favorite among locals and tourists. Owner Claude Camilleri says that they came up with their expensive pizza “to draw attention to the quality of [our] food.”  The 12-inch thin crust pizza consists of caviar soaked in Dom Perignon champagne, smoked salmon, lobster marinated in cognac, vintage balsamic vinegar, prosciutto and venison medallions and is topped with buffalo mozzarella, white truffles and 24 carat gold.  The pizza has to be ordered a week in advance.


FleFleur Burger 5000ur Burger 5000: $5,000

Made at the Fleur Restaurant, in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Fleur Burger 5000 costs a whopping $5000 as suggested by its name. The burger created by Hubert Keller has a patty made from Japanese Wagyu beef and foie gras. The sauce includes truffles and the Brioche truffle bun top is sprinkled with shaved truffles. You also get a $2,500 bottle of Chateau Petrus. Moreover, at the end of the meal you are presented with a Certificate of Authenticity, so you can prove to the world you gusted $5,000 on a burger and a few glasses of wine.


Serendipity 3’s Frrrozen Hot Chocolate: $25Serendipity 3’s Frrrozen Hot Chocolate,000

In New York’s Serendipity Restaurant, we have the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. The all-time favorite of childhood: hot chocolate on a freezing winter night has been twisted to get the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. Yes, here we have the simple hot chocolate, that’s frozen. Made from over 14 types of cocoa with edible gold, the desert comes with 18 carat gold at the bottom along with edible gold and African conflict diamonds on the top. The added surprise is a diamond bracelet which can be taken home.


Chocolate Pudding, LindethChocolate Pudding, Lindeth Country House Hotel Country House Hotel: $35,000

In the Lake District of the UK is where we find a $35,000 chocolate pudding that resembles a massive brownie. The piece of delight requires to be pre-booked at least two weeks in advance by forking out a hefty deposit. The desert combines chocolate, caviar and gold and a garnish of champagne jelly and edible gold leaf. The final topping includes a 2 carat diamond which can be taken back home. The original master piece was intended to look like a perfect Fabergé Egg.




This articles  purpose was not only to give you a little make believe but to show you our diamonds to the right are not as expensive as you think. Imagine if you offered your ring at the bottom of a bowel of chocolate ice cream. Have a look.

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