Glamorous Yet Green: The Hotels of the World

By on 05/04/2014
Laguna Lodge, Guatemala

Since 1990s, eco-tourism has found its market share as a fast growing trend in the travel industry. Eco-tourism can be defined as responsible travel to protect and conserve the natural areas, environments and welfare of local people

Many assume eco-friendly hotels to be feeble tents, bordered by forests, low quality service and little or minimal amenities. However, the truth is that travelers do not have to forgo luxury and comfort when staying at an  eco-friendly or green hotel.

Hundreds of luxury hotels claim to be eco-friendly. However, how can we be sure? Most resorts that really add the word ‘eco’ in their brochures only do one percent in what actually could be done. Our list of handpicked hotels set the bar high for travelers who want to wander the world without destroying it, but in actuality would help and support it.


We have done a quick research of facts to shortlist a handful of luxury hoteliers who are authentically ethical and green and provide a unique and holistic approach to a greener hotel stay. These  hotels around the globe genuinely stick to a commitment to sustainability while ensuring a luxe and vogue vacation.


Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez, France

The luxurious hotel is located on the dazzling French Riviera and provides every imaginable luxury for its guests in an utmost elegant setting. The green-inspired touches at the Hotel Sezz Saint include locally sourced produce, rainwater recycling and carbon permeable eucalyptus trees adjacent to the car park. The luxurious hotel completely aims to provide high-end, luxury treatment to its guests while also ensuring a lower carbon footprint. The 35-room hotel is designed to merge and integrate with its landscape. The window filters and extra thick walls soak up UV sunrays to augment the hotel’s energy saving capabilities.


Six Senses Con Dai, Con Son Island, VietnamSix Senses Con Dai, Con Son Island, Vietnam


The Con Dao archipelago is a series of 16 islands, 150-miles off the Vietnamese coast. On its largest island, is Six Senses Con Dai. The resort has 50 blissful villas and each are equipped with a private infinity pool that possess a look of a palm spring. The rooms and pool deck are furnished with light food furniture, sliding glass window walls and doors and canti levered rooflines. The hotel houses two restaurants and a signature spa. Each room at the retreat has a private butler service. The Six Senses Company aims to make all its properties carbon neutral by 2020. The resort building materials are sourced from local sustainable sources and the pavilions are built to ensure maximum airflow to reduce the requirements of air conditioning. A major area of the retreat remains untouched as majority of the island is a national park and includes 50 square miles of marine reserve. The hotel is associated with the island’s marine conservation programs and beach cleanup operations.





H2Hotel, Healdsburg, California

H2Hotel, Healdsburg, California


Known popularly as the land of wine and cheese, the Sonoma County now houses a smart designed eco-boutique hotel. The undulating roofline of the 36-room hotel is inspired by rolling hills. The hotel also houses a creek-side pool and an intimate restaurant. The hotel received its LEED Gold certification in 2013. The construction process was approved by the Forest Stewardship Council for usage of toxin-free materials and recycle of 85% construction debris. Some of the other green pointers include a living roof to filter rainwater and create insulation. The guests have access to complementary bikes to ride between wineries. There are solar panels to heat the pools and the hot water in the bathrooms. In addition there is the use of organic cotton linens and bamboo flooring throughout the establishment.


URBN Hotel, Shanghai, China

URBN Hotel, Shanghai, China

The URBN Hotel is not just a luxury hotel, but is a luxurious experience. Guests at the luxury hotel have access to a wide choice of compelling activities from calligraphy, Chinese cooking, yoga, tai chi, seasonal skincare products and bike tours. The carbon-neutral hotel ensures all its rooms have been created using natural, local and recycled or reclaimed products including bricks, hardwood and local day to day wear. The toiletries in the hotel bathroom and the spa are fresh skincare products which have been made from all-natural ingredients. Moreover, dining at the signature restaurant also ensures a complete sustainable experience. More than 80% of the food comes from local farms and all meats cooked at the restaurant are free range. The restaurant interiors boast of dim-set lighting, recycled and locally sourced décor and natural sun-blocking bamboo shading. The retreat uses energy-efficient technology and organic cleaning products. It is also associated with The Million Tree Project in which is keeps its carbon footprint in check by the planting of trees.


Orchard Garden Hotel, San Francisco, USA

H2Hotel, Healdsburg, California

This is the first hotel in San Francisco to be awarded ‘The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’ certification from the USA Green Building Council. The hotel was built in 2006 and is made from eco-friendly materials like wood, which has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to be harvested in a sustainable manner. The room keys include an energy system that saves about 20% in energy consumption. The energy efficient roofing, recycling programs, halogen lights, LED lights, low-flow toilets and faucets, recycled products and organic products ensure the guests of this luxury hotel a low carbon footprint. The hotel also plants a tree for every review it receives on Trip Advisor.

Tierra Patagonia Hotel and Spa, Chile


The Patagonia region contains plush forests, mountains, glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, pampas and rivers. The 40-room hotel is perched on a cliff overlooking the breathtaking Torres del Paine National Park and ensures a beautiful blend with the landscape. The hotel’s furnishings and upholstery are handmade by local craftspeople using natural materials that are sourced locally in the region. Moreover the stones used to make the building base and the Lenga wood paneling are also sourced from the region itself. The hotel also supports the ‘Reforest Patagonia’ initiative, which is a citizen campaign to plant 1,000,000 trees in the region. Moreover, the hotel boasts of a low-energy LED lighting, reduced usage of air conditioning during summers and heating during winters and high-grade insulation.


Hotel Punta Islita, Costa RicaHotel Punta Islita, Costa Rica


Costa Rica is considered a leader in eco-tourism. In fact, in 2007, the government announced it wanted the country to be 100% carbon neutral by 2021. Punita Islita is located along the Nocoya Peninsula in the Guanacaste Province. The ‘Rich Coast’ produces 90% of its electricity through renewable resources. The Hotel Punta Islita has upheld ecological principles by promoting wildlife conservation and reforestation initiatives. The 200-acre property rightly highlights the country’s natural and cultural treasures. Moreover, the region also boasts of being one of the regions in the world where life longevity is common.


The Park Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India

 The Park Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India1

India’s high-design boutique hotel chain finally expands in usage of high-tech technology. The hotel received LEED Gold status in 2011 for its energy savings, reduced carbon emissions, usage of recycled materials and water efficiency. The buildings metal screens aim to reduce light pollution and ensure enough sunlight to reduce the guest’s dependence on electric illumination. Moreover, the parking lot is filled with charging points for electric cars and has dedicated parking spots for bicycles.


Laguna Lodge, Guatemala


Set in lush tropical jungles of Guatemala, the 5-star boutique hotel offers beautiful views of the azure waters of Lake Atitlan and trio of dramatic volcanic peaks. The entry to the retreat is through a boat ride. The lodges are carved out of volcanic stone, adobe clay bricks and native palm (more were planted than cut) and appointed with hand-hewn king beds, intricate woven textiles, fine linens and native Mayan antiques. The lodges are powered using renewable solar energy, use grey water, collect rainwater, conduct lake irrigation, recycle glass, use unbleached hypoallergenic bedding and grow its own organic vegetables.



Kiaroa Eco Luxury Resort, Bahia, Brazil


Kiaroa Eco Luxury Resort, Bahia, Brazil 

The sophisticated coastal paradise, situated in the center of a wildlife sanctuary, emphasizes  luxury along with sustainable travel. The name of the hotel is inspired by the black pearl that is found in the French Polynesia area. The hotel boasts of intense relaxation and a gastronomic adventure. Some of its green practices include locally sourced furniture, accessories, timber wood from reforestation areas, usage of palm, and eucalyptus thatched roofs, efficient recycling of water and sewage and implementation of a solar energy program. The hotel spa boasts of many treatments and rituals that incorporate the usage of organic and regional products in a tranquil outdoor setting overlooking the Rainforest.


Thank you for checking out our list of hotels where sustainability meets luxury. We could go with pages worth of  information if we tried to incorporate the many luxury hotels that are now joining the green tendency. However, due to our confines, we have picked up our favorite 10.


We hope you have decided on a destination where you can travel responsibly for your next holiday. Let us know in the comments below, which ones intrigue  and stimulate  your interest.





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    16/06/2014 at 18:08

    Thank you for sharing these hotels. Look for other Green Hotel options in our monthly blog #IntheLimelight And let’s keep this Green Hospitality conversation going!

  2. Shaina B

    14/05/2014 at 11:09

    The list is awesome and we have considered it. Good thing that there are lots of hotels trying to do something good for the environment! Keep nominating green hotels and we will consider them for upcoming travelling.

    • Admin

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      Understand that there are green hotels all over the world. Depending on where you want to go, you usually can find the perfect hotel. If not, drop us a line.

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    Not only are the ecologically sound but they are a beauty to the eye.

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