Hermes AW14 Handbag Bash

By on 28/05/2014

Party It Up At Hermes AW14 Handbag Bash



There is nothing better than being a part of the Hermes party because when they party, they make sure there is none better than Hermes AW14 Handbag Bash. The French fashion house brought its popular wares to a magical event earlier this week when the brand threw a lavish party in New York’s Wall Street to honor their new collection in an event titled ‘All About Women’.

The event was a limelight on the workmanship and dexterity of the French label. Earlier in the year similar events had taken place in Paris and Shanghai. Robert Chavez, the President of Hermes, mentioned they felt May was the right time to hold such an event in New York as it was right before the Memorial Day holiday. All the wares displayed relate to women, but were presented in a whimsical, fun, witty and committed manner.

The AW14 handbag party was co-hosted by Chavez and Hermes CEO Axel Dumas and was attended by over 700 clients which included celebrities like Anna Wintour, who is the English editor-in-chief of American Vogue. Other celebrities who graced the event included Martha Stewart, Glenda Bailey, Jodie Foster and Scout Willis.

hermes1The event started with an encore re-presentation of the Hermes Fall-Winter AW14 collection catwalk show. After that, the scarf prints came off and the carnival begun. There were carousal horses, female guitarists in a tent hewed in a display of silk carres, hula dancer models wearing Hermes swimsuits and sandals, exquisite shoe displays and fortune tellers who told you about your future according to your favorite silk scarf.

In addition to the catwalk and parade, there was also a discotheque and a bangle bar. Never heard of a bangle bar? It was a bar shaped like a bangle where the attendants faces were concealed so it was just arms covered in beautiful enamel bangles from wrist to elbow serving champagne.

When asked, the brand refused to disclose how much they spent on the whole show. Chavez explained the aim was, “to create an evening all about theatre, discovery, magic, amazement and fun.” We, however, are sure, fashion parties like these don’t come very cheap.

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