History of Cross Pens

By on 23/03/2014

The luxury Cross Pen company was incorporated in Rhode Island in 1857. Mr A.T. Cross named the company after his son, Alonzo. When his son joined the company in 1870, his brilliant developments contributed to the growth of the company. Alonza Cross developed the stylographic pen (nine patents) and the precurser of the mechanical pencil (6 patents).

The stylographic penimages




The Company was sold in 1916. Fountain pens were well established by the 30′s and Cross was influenced by Art Deco as you see, and made this beautiful set.


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Cross has kept it’s design the same since it’s inception of the 19th century. In the 1940′s, they let go the production of the fountain pen and concentrated on the thin ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil always faithful to the black top design. History goes on. The company has had it’s ups and down but now is back into the market with beautiful quality and luxurious standard of production. The rollerball, soft-tip, ball point pens, and or mechanical pencil make the perfect gift.



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