Jewel Gift for Phase of Relationship

By on 30/07/2014

ss-100415-jewel-auction-01.ss_fullIrrespective of the span of a relationship, selecting the perfect gift can be overwhelming and nerve-racking. This is why Uptown Times brings to you a general guideline that you may use when you want to ensure you give the perfect gift to your loved one.

Just Beginning

In the initial stages of a relationship, you would want the gift to signify the intensification of the bond. Since it is still the beginning, don’t give anything too personal like photos. Moreover, spending too much money on lavish gifts is also probably not very wise. For this, consider gifting a:

Heart Tag Bracelet: The heart shaped tag dangles near the clasp and can be engraved for a personalized touch. This can be bought in silver metal.

Sterling Silver Oval Key Locket: Again in sterling silver, the classic key pendent with an oval loop is two inches in length and has an 18-inch chain.

Becoming Serious

The second stage of the relationship, you must gift her something that signifies deepening of a relationship.

Classic Pearl Solitaire Pendent: This one is an all rounder. The style is timeless and suitable for professional, formal and casual occasions. Perfect for work or for a night a dinner date. The selection goes well with the business suit as well as a cashmere sweater. The fresh water pearl pendent is available in 14K white gold and can be as versatile as you want it to be. The simple design assures you complete attention and something that would be worn for a lifetime.

Gemstone Diamond Pendent: The gemstone diamond pendants make an ideal gift. Popular gemstones used in jewels are emeralds, blue sapphires, rubies, yellow sapphires and pink sapphires. For a personal touch, select her birthstone or her favorite color.

Loyal and Committed

At this stage, you would like to bestow a gift that expresses your feelings, dedication and commitment. This is the time when you must put in more time and effort into your gift. Funnily, many get lazy with their gifts subsequent to having dated for a while. However, you may consider:

Diamond Stud Earrings: These just cannot go wrong and will never go out of style. If she favors clean lines, classic styles and simplicity and probably likes something that can subtly accent pieces she has already has, this one is for you. Choose from a variety of metals, shapes and settings. If you don’t like the preset diamond studs, consider Design Your Own Diamond Studs feature.

Wedding or Anniversary Rings: You cannot deny the impact rings have on women. This is a popular way to signify continued commitment and dedication. Find the perfect ring for the lady in your life from our classic selection available in a variety of metals and styles.

Special Milestones

These are the gifts that you would like to give to represent your history together and reassure your commitment.

Three – Stone Ring: The three stone rings represent a diamond for the past, one for the present and one for the future. You can choose yours to be made in the metal of your choice.

Selecting the perfect jewelry for the lady in your life isn’t as complicated as you think. We hope you enjoyed reading our guidelines and are sure to find the perfect jewel for the lucky lady. Please tell us in the comments below what you think.

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