Limited Edition Watches

By on 21/07/2014

Limited Edition Watches: Worth The Investment

IMG_5022_zps8f7324ddHave you ever wondered about investing in limited edition pieces? Would entry level brands like Oris or Hamilton maximize its value retention after 10 years?

Limited edition watches have become more like a marketing technique over the last few years. Earlier limited edition watches were scarce and rare. Brands would manufacture them once in a while as a devoted limited piece to mark a particular person, date, event or purpose.

Today, in reality, most watches are limited editions as brands only make them for a while and discontinue. The thought of an ‘edition’ is now missing as brands just like to call any constrained manufacturing model as a limited edition and to be honest the complete conception of the limited edition has turned out to be absolutely misrepresented.

Some watches retain and grow in value, but it really just depends on the individual model and more importantly the watch brand.  Nowadays, there are many limited edition watches and watch collectors don’t really care unless the brand or specific model is highly sought-after and demanded. In fact, many brands only use them to test and investigate their designs and new features and rarely for the original intended purpose of what a limited edition is supposed to be.

We can’t universally say that limited edition watches are a good value or a bad value because as we said earlier, it really depends on the model and brand. As for entry-level brands you might have a minuscule lead when it comes to potential worth or value retention as compared to non-limited models (if they are much desirable and sought-after). The term ‘limited edition’ in and by itself does not make anything more or less worthy or valuable.

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