Louis Vuitton is N°1 in Luxury Goods

By on 28/05/2014


Women can never have enough of clothes, accessories or shoes. While most will have no qualms about getting cheap wares from flea markets, other only abide by to designer items, nevertheless the high price tags. Designer items have been the rage among celebrities and fashion lovers and different labels try to beat the competition in order to fully take over the market.


One such label is Louis Vuitton which is a top brand synonymous with luxury. For a very long time now, the label has been a symbol of elegance and has earned its name as the most valuable label with a worth of over $25.9 billion. For the ninth year in a row, Louis Vuitton has been the most profitable label in luxury rankings. This year, the sales saw a whopping 14 percent over last year. Louis Vuitton is N° 1 in the luxury market.lv






Hermes stood second at $21.8 billion and Gucci stood third with $16.1 billion. The list continues with Prada ($9.9 billion), Rolex ($9 billion), Cartier ($8.9 billion), Chanel ($7.8 billion), Burberry ($5.9 billion), Coach ($3.1 billion) and Fendi ($3 billion). The numbers are supplied by Millward Brown Optimor in their 2014 BrandZ report. The report concluded that ‘luxury is back’ as global brand value increased by 16 percent this year and only 6 percent last year. The report also attributed the growth to the younger shoppers to whom major luxury labels are marketing extensively to as this group is great for the speedy settlements and also to nurture the succeeding generation of customers.



Even though some consider Louis Vuitton products as exorbitant, the label has its fair share of customers that is displayed through its ever increasing sales and repeat customers. Many celebrities and fashionistas can confirm to this!

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