Mechanical Watch Options for Women

By on 10/09/2014

100521_stuhrling_watch_modelsHave you ever asked why most ladies watches are made with quartz movements? Is it because of the size and watch manufacturers find it difficult to make small watches with automatic movements? Or is it that women only care about looks and not about the technicalities?

There is no simple answer to this as it is a mixture of both market realism and market economics. While there are lots of mechanical watch loving women, most of the present female watch purchasers are perceived as being more concerned in the style, ornament or jewelry constituent of timepieces as opposed to the movements within them.

In contrast to the general requirements, many brands like Patek Philippe make more money from selling quartz-movements timepieces with diamonds as the margins on such watches are to a large extent higher than mechanical timepieces. These watches are commonly liked by women who want the simplicity, ease and convenience of a quartz movement over mechanical movement. If the number of such women buyers increase, we are sure more brands will start manufacturing such high margin products.

To some extent, it is also an issue of size. Yet, there are many very tiny mechanical movements available. However, very thin mechanical movements tend to be more difficult to manufacture than the bigger ones. Moreover, many brands feel women want thin and slim watches as they look more feminine and delicate.

It is true that women’s watches have less mechanical options but this is altering, especially as many of the major luxury watch manufacturer brands are enthusiastic and eager to catch the attention of the female purchasing demographic. Nowadays, many of the main luxury watch brands have mechanical movement women’s watches and more will surely come in the future if the present are triumphant in selling them.

It has been found that with both men and women, the awareness in purchasing a mechanical watch is supported by a scale of experience and learning and while most watch brands are good at creating awareness for the brand itself, they are poor at educating them.

Moreover, women make buying decisions very differently from men. Men tend to ‘research’ the object they want to buy much more than women. Thus, brands are able to reach out to women slightly more easily when it comes to initial product discovery and the educational element is still easier with male purchasers. Of course, this is just a majority case, based on statistical trends and not the universal truth as everyone is different. In conclusion, as long as watch manufacturers are successful in marketing their names and designs to women, they feel less motivated to focus on interior movements.

We truly sympathize for the minority of watch loving women who are in search for mechanical timepiece options and tend to really like only men’s models. In fact, many women who are fond of mechanical watches are now purchasing men’s mechanical watches to put on. Is this the case with you too? Tell us in the comments section below.

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