Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Jewelry

By on 27/08/2014

buying-jewelry-1249While most people perceive as buying right jewelry involves going into a popular store and picking the prettiest piece your eyes rest upon, we feel there is so much more than just that when it comes to buying jewelry. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when you plan to invest money on precious jewelery.

If you thought, making the decision of buying jewelery was difficult, wait until you actually get to start looking through jeweler collections. Generally, men find it more difficult to decide upon a jewelery piece for their better half and are more likely to be clueless while buying jewelry for their partners. To solve the dilemma, here is a quick list of common mistakes can be avoided while spending your hard-earned money on glittery gifts.

Jewelry Myth #1 – More Expensive Is Better

Most people are often mislead by the assumption that more expensive will be better and tend to make decisions based on price rather than the style or design. It’s best to fix a budget when buying jewelry but don’t blindly spend on the most expensive ring in store. In fact, there are cases in which you can find splendid looking jewelry that is also very cost effective.

Jewelry Myth #2 – Jewelry Surpasses Occasions

Yes, occasions do matter and thus it is a good idea to pick the jewelry as per the occasion. You can’t be proposing to the love of your life with diamond earrings. Such an occasion calls for a ring.

Jewelry Myth #3 – All Jewels are Attractive

When you are picking jewelry as a surprise present, ensure you are well aware of the person’s tastes and preferences. Just don’t jump to a conclusion that because your girlfriend owns a lot of pearls she really likes them. While she might, but it’s a good idea to look more closely at what she wears for special occasions.

Jewelry Myth #4 – What’s in a Cut?

Traditional jewelers often put on show diamonds of diverse cut qualities collectively, just to sell the most excellent available selection that they own. You might fail to spot out on the diamond that has the finest cut if you go for the one that looks most excellent. The enhanced the cut, the more dazzling your diamond will be! Get your facts and needs straight when you make a decision on buying jewelry as this will help you make the best purchase rather than the easiest one.

Jewelry Myth #5 – Know Your Basics

As jewels are pricey, it is an excellent idea to know about the intricacies and detailing concerned before going jewelry shopping. If you’re purchasing a diamond, you have to look for the 4Cs and if you’re buying gemstones, you should have an idea about the colors you’re looking for and the message you are trying to convey to the person you’re buying it for.

If you’re confused on what to buy, don’t hesitate to ask for help. From your friends and family to the expert from whom you plan to make the purchase, we’re sure they will be keen on helping you. However, don’t forget to keep these general mistakes in mind when you pick up jewelry the next time. Tell us in the comments section below if you have any more ideas on how to purchase jewelry. Happy shopping!

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