• Andrew Lauren
    Eight Million Dollar Bachelors

    Money cannot buy love but for some it can surely mollify the deal. According to Forbes, out of the 1645 of the world’s richest millionaires, only 43 or 3%...

    • 25/04/2014
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  • Lake Manyara Tree Lodge
    Planet’s Best Safaris in Africa

    Continue on the discovery of the different African safaris.

    • 23/04/2014
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  • Kings Pool Camp1
    Luxury Safari Resorts

    No trip to Africa is complete without a visit to one or more game reserves. Luxury Safari Resorts  absolutely do not mean a compromise or negotiation on comfort. From...

    • 23/04/2014
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  • Truth or Dare
    6 Most Popular Celebrity Perfumes

    Perfume has been cherished since centuries. From Ancient Greeks, Persians and Egyptians, in some way or the other have used fragrances to scent themselves and their surroundings. Modern high-end...

    • 17/04/2014
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  • rose gold
    Precious Metals for the Perfect Ring

    When it comes to the perfect ring, many of us are just concerned about the dazzling gem or jewel that is placed in it. Often, we forget the importance...

    • 16/04/2014
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  • rediamond
    Different Colored Diamonds

    Did you know diamonds are available in a multitude of colors? These fancy and rare diamonds are naturally colored because of the different conditions and elements they had been...

    • 16/04/2014
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  • Tibetan Mastiff
    The Most Expensive Dogs To Own

    Do you like little,  and cute? Well some of the most expensive dogs are majestic and large. Read on to find out why. A dog is a man’s best...

    • 16/04/2014
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  • Apollo_synthetic_diamond
    The perfect diamond

    Color: By color is meant the diamond’s lack of color or the whiteness of the diamond. The highest color grade is D, while the lowest is Z. The less...

    • 15/04/2014
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