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    Some more First Class Air

    American Airlines .American Airlines have initiated a new strategy to offer its first class passengers sleek seats that can rightly be termed as business friendly products. Once you get...

    • 15/04/2014
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  • singaporeairlines
    Luxury in the Air: First Class

    Epoch wines, stylish sheets and even in-air baths make airborne first class travel on these carriers the ultimate extravagance and opulence. Today’s first class cabins are much more than...

    • 14/04/2014
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  • Diamond_engagement_ring_platinum_dr30plrb_m_430
    The Ideal Ring

    Carat, clarity, cut and color. These are commonly heard words when you are planning to buy a diamond. For the first timer, the 4C’s may just add some complication....

    • 10/04/2014
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  • Breguet Marie Antoinette
    A vintage watch or a Ferrari?

    When auction prices are examined we can see there is an incredible increase over the last few years. This year vintage watches are the flavor of the season. Find...

    • 08/04/2014
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  • LV1
    Expensive Designer Bags

    Women can never have enough handbags. While many have no reservations admitting about visiting flea markets or other standard departmental stores for some bargains, there are many who only...

    • 07/04/2014
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  • Laguna Lodge, Guatemala
    Glamorous Yet Green: The Hotels of the World

    Since 1990s, eco-tourism has found its market share as a fast growing trend in the travel industry. Eco-tourism can be defined as responsible travel to protect and conserve the...

    • 05/04/2014
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  • Cohiba Behike, $470
    The Most Expensive Cigars

    Those who smoke cigars would know this hobby is not a cheap one. Cigars are often connected to authority and affluence. However, not all cigars are created equally. Though...

    • 04/04/2014
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  • 1483
    The Luxury of Golf – A Gentleman’s Game

    There’s a reason why golf is called ‘a gentleman’s game’. It has its own set of rules and etiquettes that pertain to the gentlemanly state of the game. Here...

    • 03/04/2014
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