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    Can You Over-Wind A Mechanical Watch?

    I am an automatic watch lover, but I recently invested in a manual watch. Like me, if you are a manual watch owner, have you ever wondered if it...

    • 30/08/2014
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  • buying-jewelry-1249
    Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Jewelry

    While most people perceive as buying right jewelry involves going into a popular store and picking the prettiest piece your eyes rest upon, we feel there is so much...

    • 27/08/2014
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  • buying-jewelry-1249
    Jewelry Terminology: Precious and Semi Precious

    Many buyers and sellers are confused about the terms “precious” and “semi-precious.” In reality, these terms have more to do with antiquated import and export tariff descriptions than they...

    • 27/08/2014
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  • $_32
    White Gold Tends to Yellow?

    Have you witnessed many times your White Gold  Tends To  Yellow or ‘fade’ over time? Has the contemplation ever crossed your mind, “perhaps the jewelry is not genuine and...

    • 24/08/2014
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  • GrandCanyon
    National Parks

    National parks in the USA are overpowering in every way: in terms of the number, their size, distinct characteristics and significant features, inspiring views and their capability to enthuse...

    • 20/08/2014
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    A new artist, Chris Girard

    Some times it is necessary to help those in the community who give so much. Here is a multi-media digital artists. Enjoy the work Chris comes from San Rafael...

    • 08/08/2014
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  • money-down-plughole-hECt
    Developing Graceful Simplicity

    It is not having what you want; it’s wanting what you’ve got.” -Sheryl Crow in “Soak Up the Sun” A couple of years ago, this was me: unstable, volatile,...

    • 04/08/2014
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  • children_travel_121613thinkstock
    Should Kids be Banned on Airlines?

    I’ve just settled into my flight from Mumbai to London, a book in my hand and thoughts of shopping on the famous Bond Street in mind. I turn on...

    • 01/08/2014
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