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    Why Etiquette Still Matters

    At a dinner last evening, a young lady heaped her plate with food and started to eat while the rest of us were patiently waiting for the host and...

    • 01/08/2014
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  • proteins_inner
    Protein Overload?

    No matter what your needs and requirements are, whether you are a professional athlete or a leisure weight lifter, protein is an essential part of everyone’s life. In fact,...

    • 31/07/2014
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    Jewel Gift for Phase of Relationship

    Irrespective of the span of a relationship, selecting the perfect gift can be overwhelming and nerve-racking. This is why Uptown Times brings to you a general guideline that you...

    • 30/07/2014
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  • Prises de vues du 28 novembre 2009
    Top Destinations To Buy Watches

    Where Are The top Destinations To Buy Watches? Have you ever wondered which are the best and worst places to buy watches in terms of the price, the selection...

    • 29/07/2014
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  • breakingalltherules_gm_featured_03
    Style Rules must be broken

    There are so many style rules and we’re not even aware how they found their way as style mantras. Who made these rules? We don’t know. Without offense, some...

    • 28/07/2014
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  • mens-scarf
    Stylish and Easy Ways to Tie a Scarf

    Looped, wrapped or knotted? Scarves can be worn in various different ways. Try wearing them differently the next time you’re searching for a new accessory and see how the...

    • 28/07/2014
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  • serialnumber2
    Blurred Serial Numbers

    Ever wondered why watch sellers on eBay and other online watch selling websites sell watches with Blurred Serial Numbers?  To think of it rationally, wouldn’t the serial number help ...

    • 27/07/2014
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  • kid-inventor
    Inspiring Inventions by Children

    Kids can be extremely creative and inventive and some of them see their small ideas develop into inspiring inventions by children which then in turn develop into astounding business...

    • 27/07/2014
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