Parrot Drone

By on 11/05/2014

Make your reality game more than just a game on your phone. Take this newest trend in big boy toys and see the world from a different angle. Remember flying kites, well now you can fly your on personal drone with a camera. All that happens can be viewed on your smart phone; It can be driven by your own set of controls. For you to decide. Take it on vacation and take photos of the most incredible angles that have never been taken before. It is almost as if you are doing your own flying. Don’t be surprised that you can fly it over water or fly it upside a hill. Impress all with what it can do.

Watch this video first in a series of the fun you can have with drones. It is not just a gadget nor is it just a toy.Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Quadricopter – Wifi – Free App iOS & Android – Record HD 720p movies – Sand
is the full version which can be gotten at Amazon. Share with me the fun of discovering all the features of this new industry.

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