Polishing & Watch Value

By on 09/05/2014
LOUIS GEORGE - Werkfoto einer Miniatur-Gravur auf der Uhrwerk-Rü


Ever wondered if polishing your watch would affect its value? Would it lessen, improve or simply just preserve the timepiece value? Find out.

Experts at the Uptown Times, feel this is subjective to the watch owner. If the idea is to preserve the value of the watch as vintage, polishing is not suggested. Keeping in mind the same thought, replacement of anything visible such as the dial, bezel or hands is not recommended. However, a full movement service is a first-rate thought.

As timepiece valuations are subjective and personal, we feel you must enjoy the watch the way you want to. While vintage watches lose value with polishing, there are cases when watch collectors like preservation and opt to get the crystals and dials polished but consent to the cases to look ‘worn’.

Service polished timepieces don’t always look like newly polished watches as a multiplicity of diverse procedures are used. Many brands, however, polish watch cases by default when they are sent for servicing. Thus, if you don’t want a polishing service, you just might have to request it before sending it to the service center.

Thus, there are two schools of thought with regard to watch polishing. For watch collectors who like to maintain the watch as it is, the more original, better would be the value. This is particularly very true for gold watches as it is believed the weight is reduced when polished. The other thought favors polishing as many watch collectors look for dents and dings and feel the slighter the better. In such cases, a well-polished watch may look as good as new.

If you simply want a fine shiny and gleaming watch to wear and get pleasure from, polished is great. However, if you would like it to hold its history and integrity, unpolished is the way. Watchmaker's_Lathe_in_use

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