Setting Your Fashion Style Statement

By on 12/07/2014

EinsteinwiezmannIf you really want to catch the eye of strangers and nurture a remarkable presence wherever you go, you need to set yourself distant from the crowd. This can be done easily by Setting Your Fashion Style Statement. Formulate your own unique style that reflects your individuality and can be fun and easy. The Uptown Times experts bring to you 8 tips to help you set your own personal fashion style statement. 

Care About How You Look: This may sound obvious but this really is the key. You’re never going to look good if you don’t really care or make a real effort to look good. Simply putting on your best clothes and accessories will not get you anywhere. They key here is effort and attitude in everything you do from style and in life. Personally, I like to start my style journey everyday by reminding myself that I represent many things like my business, my values as well as my family and friends and when we care about them, we care about how we present ourselves. Without deeply believing in this rule, you will not get much anywhere.

Know Your History: If you really want to understand your clothes and not just trust experts to decide what you must wear, you must have an understanding of where the modern fashions styles come from. You simply don’t have to memorize the dos and don’ts of fashion and style as it can get overwhelming but a good way to remember them is by understanding how and why it evolved. Personally, with all my outfits, I try to get an understanding of the style history, where it comes from and also if it sends any influential messages and whether people understand them or not.

Understand Clothing Fit: This is probably the most important thing to check when buying clothing. The fit of the clothing is more important than its style. In fact, it probably is the most glamorous aspect of fashion. The most expensive dress in the world is going to look nothing great unless it fits your body right. Moreover, a good fit would flatten your body and will draw attention to parts that you want to emphasize and also diminish aspects you are not too fond of. Take time to get to know your body and have a tailor do your accurate measurements. Learn to say no to clothes that you like but a fit that cannot be adjusted to suit you.

Don’t Be Scared to Lead: If you take out time to care about your appearance, why not take a lead. While initially you may feel overdressed, particularly when you are the only man in the gathering wearing a suit, but over time you learn to embrace it. While people may treat you differently, the difference will be overwhelmingly positive. In fact, most regular people assume a man dressed in a nice jacket or suit is someone important.

Emphasis on Quality: Treat your clothes like an investment and look out for a good return on your money. You are better off buying one that lasts many years as compared to five that last only a year. Trust us, for the ideal wardrobe you don’t have to be rich; you only have to be realistic. Buy only the best clothing that you can afford. If you can’t afford tailored suits consider buying off-the-rack suits and get them adjusted by a tailor. Be reasonable but be willing to make at least a little investment.

Wear Your Best: The regular guy does not get many reasons to be dressed in a suit and tie, apart from if it is required by its workplace. We suggest you get into the habit of wearing your best at any point of time. If you don’t have a business occasion to wear anything fancy, dress up for a social occasion. After all, there is no law against being well dressed all the time.

Interchangeable Clothing: The more of your present clothing a new item goes well with, the more use you are going to get out of it. Try not to buy something that is entirely single purpose (except something like a tuxedo). Ensure all your clothes are interchangeable so as to allow you to mix and match and get more mileage of individual pieces.

Buy Clothing That Is Here to Stay: Most people term this as timeless style. Certain looks and styles will always be dependable. The goal is to invest in clothes that probably even your children twenty five years later would be able to wear without looking out of place. Focus on buying pieces that are both classic and elegant. Stay away from exaggerated trends or the year’s hot looks which tend to get outdated very soon. Keep your look timeless and classic to make a statement and be remembered.

We hope you found our tips inspiring. Are we missing out on something that you feel is important to be included in the list? If yes, please tell us about it in the comments below.

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