Should Kids be Banned on Airlines?

By on 01/08/2014

children_travel_121613thinkstockI’ve just settled into my flight from Mumbai to London, a book in my hand and thoughts of shopping on the famous Bond Street in mind. I turn on my left to see the passenger sitting on the window seat who seems to be a warm lady. I sigh and in my mind feel the flight seems to be taking off well until… I feel the kicks from the seat behind.

With the consistent kicking, I felt the next eight hours would be disastrous. The parents had already raised their hands in capitulate. What should I have done to make this a better flight journey again? If you have had the experience of traveling with unruly kids on the airplanes, you would know what am talking about. If there is anything that would have come to your mind then was, it would have been ‘ban them on flights’.

Before you blow off and notify the parents of their poor parenting skills and maybe show angry eyes to the little toddler, you are better off staying calm. Politely let the flight attendant know of what is troubling you. After all, you do have the right to fly without being physically or mentally hassled.

While the kicking will optimistically come to an end with support from the flight team, there almost certainly isn’t much you can do about the racket in a situation like this.  Loud and raucous children, or even noisy adults for that matter, won’t necessarily quiet down for the reason that you ask. Caretakers and flight crew may also be less inclined to walk in if the subject is only noise, unless it’s extreme, but that’s subjective.

If you feel you are troubled by such travelers, it might just be a good idea to look through the In-flight Shopping Catalog and order noise-cancelling headphones. We’ve heard some amazing reviews about these especially around loud children.

Maybe it’s wise to fix problems of the moment in the simplest way possible, which doesn’t typically entail altering someone else’s conduct. So, sit back, listen in to your favorite music and put the book back in your bag. Don’t think about gone astray time until you’re on the shopping street and can contract with all those existential consequences.

Often the four words ‘kids on a plane’ incite more spiteful debate among travelers. Not even ‘snakes on the plane’ or ‘your flight is delayed’ or any other phrase roll eyes. Hats off to the airline crew who try and bring a balance between the childless travelers who want peace and silence when locked inside the pressurized aluminum tube numerous miles above earth and on the other hand parents with kids who believe airlines must accommodate anyone and everyone and at anytime. Should Kids be banned on Airlines?

A decade ago, my sympathies would have been with the travelers who wanted to ban toddlers and babies on board. However, now I have a son – aged 2 and am leaning to the parent’s side. My son is capable of the most annoying behavior ever and if a flight crew member tells me my son is out of line, I’m the first to agree. I don’t think I can even dream of sitting in business or first class (even if I can afford it). However, banning them altogether is just something that cannot happen. After all, what are these parents suppose to do, ‘never travel’? However, I have some ways that we could approach on a kids-on-plane problem.

Kids Only Section: While it is probably not feasible to ban the younger passengers, I wouldn’t ever have an issue in paying an extra $30 each way to avoid noise and toddlers. Airlines must work on such optional add-ons on the base fare for those who would like to have a quieter section. However, until the rule is passed, in such cases you might consider asking the crew to shift you to a quieter seat in the cabin. If there is an empty seat, airline crew members would do their best to move you as per your liking.

Think over this; is it just the kids that are annoying? My 2-year old has been on numerous flights (already) and has never been disruptive. He sits in his seat, watches TV, plays with his blocks or simply colors in his drawing book. In fact, there have been times when I’ve seen annoying adults who are just so irritated and stressed with other matters that they tend to disrupt the whole flight environment. What do we do about them?

Something that I have learned with the numerous flights I’ve taken with my son is responsible parenting. It is important to carry his bag of toys, favorite finger goods, books, techie stuff or anything that can distract and keep the child busy. While airlines help prepare adults for a flight with their child but eventually it’s the parents job to ensure they have everything their child might require on the flight.

We hope you enjoyed reading our post about children on flights. Do you have any tips for getting past with travelling with annoying toddlers?

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