Style Rules must be broken

By on 28/07/2014

breakingalltherules_gm_featured_03There are so many style rules and we’re not even aware how they found their way as style mantras. Who made these rules? We don’t know. Without offense, some of them are so stifling and I often wonder why we ever hassled over them. The Uptown Times experts truly believe some Style Rules must be broken, especially when it is fashion. Check out 17 style rulings you can feel free to ignore.

Stay Away From Mixing Animal Prints: We double dare you to double up on your favorite animal prints this season. The secret to set the rule straight is to wear two patterns that have similar shades or detailing. Just because two animals don’t get along well in the jungle, doesn’t mean they can’t get alongside on your outfit. Let the leopards sit with the zebras or the cheetahs with the tigers. In fact, mix all your prints: polka dots with floral, stripes with plaid.

Pearls are for the Neck, Wrist or Ears: Skip the standard and experiment pearl-embellished shoes or clothes.

Nail Polish Has to Match: You can’t really change your nail polish with every single outfit and it really doesn’t matter if it’s different. Don’t worry about the mismatch of colors on your outfit and nails.

Save Metallic Items For The Evening Out: Sparkle is for always! To ingeniously shine in the day, choose an unbiased neutral and light-toned metallic like rose gold and keep the rest of the appearance exceedingly discreet and simple.

Turtlenecks Are Only For Winter: Absolutely no. Try the short sleeved or sleeveless turtleneck this spring.

Sweatshirts Are Only For Idle Days: While the sweatshirt was once strictly for athletes and gym goers, the humble sweatshirt has risen to become very stylish. Get some additional utilization of your sweatshirt this season by styling it with a lightweight overcoat and crisp denims.

Don’t Dare Horizontal Stripes: Apparently they make you look wider. That’s untrue as horizontal stripes only widen the hip area and nowhere else. So if you lack hips, you might consider a horizontal striped skirt or dress.

Overalls Are For Tomboys Or Little Kids: This is untrue if you know how to rightly style them with a nice pair of shoes, sunglasses and other accessories. If you are short, get a fitted solid color to flatter your figure.

No White after Labor Day: If white was not to be worn in winters, where did the term winter white come from? Many designers have proved that white is not appropriate during winters but isn’t white so fresh and modern feeling? In actuality, it is only about the fabric as light textiles such as cotton, canvas and linen look out of place during the colder months but white in wool, flannel, cashmere, leather, silk and mohair look fantabulous during winter.

Outerwear Is Stringently For Layering: Let your coat be the focal point of your next outfit by keeping yourFashionRules accessories to the bare minimum.

Limit Shorts to Summer: Absolutely wrong. There is something really cool and fuss free about a pair of shorts in winter. Dress in your shorts this fall-winter by wearing tights underneath your shorts. Pair this with boots or a sweater if it’s cold out. Stay away from shorts in summery fabrics like cotton or linen but go ahead with fabrics like wool, leather, denim or jacquard.

Short Skirts/Dresses Should Not Be Worn During The Day: Make your mini skirt/dress suitable for day by combining it with elegant outerwear, like an outsized blazer or an uncomplicated coat.

Tall Girls Must Not Wear Heels: No sense. If tall women were not supposed to wear heels, why would models walk the ramp in heels? Wouldn’t they be barefoot or in flats all the time? Heels look amazing on tall women and all women must wear the highest ones they can manage.

Socks with Shoes are Only for Kids: So not true! If you’re feeling girly, try out a pair of socks with heels this weekend. Sometimes your feet also need that extra warmth.

Everyone should own . . . !: Boring. Who wants to possess the similar thing as everyone else? If someone is wearing the same outfit as you, you should maintain your distance. Just because you don’t desire to dress like others, it does not mean you should feel uncomfortable if you turn up at a party and someone is wearing the same outfit as you. Don’t let it get you down, smile and take an amazing selfie of you two together!

Wearing Head-To-Toe Black Is Boring: Keep an all-black outfit appealing by putting together bold accessories.

No Mixing Shades: If pink comes from the red family, wouldn’t it make sense to pair them together? In fact, it actually looks quiet modern and eye catching.

To conclude, you must wear what makes you feel good and what you enjoy wearing. Which style rule are you going to break this season? Tell us in the comments below. Tell us about other style delusions out there?

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