The Fine Gentlemen

By on 01/07/2014


Though my focus is usually on women, I write this with a dream to raise my son as a gentleman. Moreover, I really do hope that every man who reads this has  tried to inculcate at least some of the tips of the Fine Gentlemen.  So how do you impress the women and other men? The simple answer is by being elegant. Elegance makes you look masculine, attractive and mature. Here are some great tips on how to be just that.

  1. Never raise your voice.
  2. Emulate strong and substantive male role models and surround yourself with intelligent and interesting people.
  3. Confidence is the key.
  4. Be responsible.
  5. Read and travel.
  6. Never underestimate the importance of a crisp white shirt.
  7. Hygiene: Ensure your hair, nails and beard are appropriately maintained.
  8. Dress as per the occasion.
  9. Apologize sincerely if you need to and don’t make excuses.
  10. Stay fit and healthy. Practice yoga and meditation.
  11. Avoid profanity.
  12. Be firm, but fair.
  13. Date smart partners and make your intentions clear. Marry only for love.
  14. Enjoy your work and be honest with it.
  15. Devote yourself to a worthy cause and use your talents to make the world a better place.
  16. Learn another language.
  17. Learn how to select an appropriate bottle of wine.
  18. Punctuality.
  19. Never cheat, steal or lie.
  20. Keep your word.
  21. Never underestimate the power of strong vocabulary.
  22. Hone your personal style: in your clothes and home.
  23. Maintain your wardrobe and home well and keep it up-to-date.
  24. Be kind to children and animals.
  25. Visit your parents and grand parents regularly.
  26. Open doors and pull out chairs!
  27. Mentor others.
  28. Wear a blazer to smarten the most casual outfit.
  29. Learn to tie a bow tie.
  30. Linen in the summer?
  31. Ensure your shoes are sparkling clean and look as though they were always new.
  32. Save, invest and pay general attention to your finances.
  33. Avoid bragging and share your triumphs only with the most closest confidantes.
  34. Be able to hold intelligent conversations on topics such as art or politics.
  35. Read classics.
  36. Don’t be a defeatist.
  37. Learn how to make perfect cocktails.
  38. Listen to others thoughts and opinions and follow instructions if any.
  39. Support ethics and good sportsmanship.
  40. Drive a vintage sports car (if you can own one).
  41. Carry a handkerchief.
  42. Own a suit that will always win the day.
  43. Own your own tuxedo.
  44. Own a weekender bag.
  45. Play golf.
  46. Learn to appreciate jazz and classical music.
  47. Choose Orchids as they are simple, elegant and have a masculine beauty.
  48. Be the man your grandmother would want you to be and would have wanted your daughter to marry.
  49. Have an interesting hobby.
  50. Practice good posture
  51. Invest in a statement watch and do not wear any kind of jewelry other than your wedding band.
  52. Think more and react less.
  53. Be prepared to stand out in the crowd.
  54. Own a hat and a  coat which can be worn in all occasions.
  55. Be modest, humble and smile more often.
  56. Slow down and everything you embark on  will seem more elegant.
  57. Never make anyone feel small.
  58. Wear suits on dates.
  59. Tell witty and intelligent jokes.
  60. Choose quality over quantity.

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