Timeless Fashion Guidelines for Men

By on 07/07/2014

True Timeless Fashion Guidelines: Praiseworthy and Admirable Pieces Every Man Should Have 

“Fashion comes and goes, but style is eternal”

– Yves Saint Laurent. 

Wardrobe-for-MenWhen people talk about style and personal style, it is often difficult to answer. It really is hard as typically the situation, surroundings as well as culture greatly play a very imperative role. For example, what I would wear at a business meeting in New York is much different from what I would be wearing in Venice while holidaying. This makes it difficult to answer probing questions about fashion and style.

However, if you are looking  for certain rules or generic guidelines, this post will help you. While this is just not the only way to think about style, it is my own version of timeless fashion that has evolved over time through experimentation of the male figures in my entourage and their fashion style.

In today’s time, buying new clothing every season is absolutely not wise nor sustainable. The difficult times have taught even the most trendy men to invest in timeless, classic, versatile and high quality items that have lasted the test of time and which he would possibly wear and enjoy over a good period of time.

So what are these timeless stylish pieces, you may wonder? These are those pieces of clothing that are much more than just good looking. They have a function and are designed for a practical purpose and the beauty adds from the functionality.

So there you have it: my top 20 fashion essentials that every man should own as they will never go out of style and can be worn in multiple styles.

  1. Necessary Essentials: Focus on essentials. A black or blue blazer, a crisp dress shirt and a classy tie. Simple,Wardrobe-Essentials isn’t it?
  2. Basic White Button Up: Of course, we love bold hues for dress shirts but the white button up is a classic that must belong to every man’s closet. We’re also sure you already have one, but since they don’t look fresh and bright forever, you must have a handful of them.
  3. Sculpting Gray Trousers: Perfect for times when you want to dress up but not wear or require a suit.
  4. Classic Polo Tee: No wardrobe is complete without this one. You can have one or many in varied colors. They’re casual but still smart.
  5. Contented Khaki Chinos: Bonafide classic khaki chinos, but now available in a slim and contemporary fit.
  6. Sleek Selvedge Denims: Not everyone believes in splurging on denims but we feel it is important as it’s something you would probably wear every day. Once you experience the quality and fitting of a selvedge jeans, you will never go back to bulk-produced denim again.
  7. Versatile Tailored or Fitted Suit: Wearing a suit? Whether to work or only on special occasions, it surely must exude sophistication. Ensure your piece is well fitted and not look as if you just inherited your dad’s suit if it doesn’t fit properly. The suit shoulders must hug your shoulders and not just jut out past them. Look out for the sleeves which must stop at the hinge of your wrist. Brimmed shoulders and dropping sleeves absolutely don’t look good anymore. Slim fitted suits are the rage and while they don’t come cheap they are a slightly cheaper alternative to tailored suits. Buy a timeless two-button suit as it will give you a slimmer and more sleek look and will better show off your shirt and tie. The three-button suits are over for now. Look out for colors like gray, black or navy as they tend to complement any colored shirt or tie.
  8. Eternal Navy Sport Coat: Seasonless, timeless and as versatile as they come. Moreover, the casual and trendy patch pockets ensure you can wear these over just anything.
  9. wardrobe-essentials-for-menChic Pocket Square: Stun away with a pocket square. Pocket squares are an excellent way to add a visual element to your outfit and a simple folded handkerchief matched with the blazer will make you look a lot dressier than otherwise.
  10. Undying Bow Ties: Bow ties are classic and everlasting yet multifaceted and here to stay. Put in some effort to how to tie one intricately. We are confident people will notice the intricacy.
  11. Timeless Tie: Ensure it’s not too skinny or too wide and in a classic color scheme. You must have a couple of them.
  12. Ageless Trench Coat: Wear it from spring to fall and back again. The classic beige trench will always be in style and an absolute great investment. A good coat will help you look great no matter whether the weather is cooperating or not.
  13. Worthy Cashmere Sweater: Everyone deserves a little cashmere. Makes you look composed, no matter what. The soft, light weight material is probably more comfy than your favorite tee yet so much more stylish.
  14. Vivid Colored Socks: Swop your white socks with a more diverse palette of colors. Save the whites and grays for the gym or your jog and introduce your wardrobe to patterns, solids and unconventional colors.
  15. Old Fashioned Brown Dress Shoes: Save the sneakers and save them for the gym. Invest in a quality pair of old fashioned dress shoes that will last you long and also look great when worn to any occasion be it work, formal, casual or otherwise. The contemporary shoes can be worn with a suit for a big presentation or with jeans when you’re off the clock. Moreover, brown is classic and professional and seems to add more personality than black. Put toe taps on your leather-soled dress shoes as they will considerably augment the shoe life span.
  16. Luxe Gloves: Invest in good quality leather gloves that are sleek and professional and definitely a better alternative to the traditional knit mitts, cotton or fleece. Professional men wear leather gloves and we suggest you invest in something simple and functional.
  17. Eminent Brown Belt: Wear it now and wear it forever.
  18. Subtle Timeless Watch: Much required as there is nothing elegant about checking the time on your phone. Invest in a stand-out watch that may attract attention to your wrist, but resist the urge to indulge on something too elaborate. Buy something subtle, delicate and elegant.
  19. Distinguished Business Bag: While the messenger bag looks great at college campuses, you must keep them away from the office. A simple, sleek business bag is the key.
  20. Durable Umbrella: If you live in a rain prone area, consider this a must, while you can buy the $5 umbrella from the local store, don’t be that guy who fights with the umbrella every time the wind blows and results in embarrassing and awkward street scenes. Buy yourself a good quality, durable and blunt umbrella that is specially designed to distribute force evenly.   guest-house-after-1-edit

As per the Wall Street Journal, the average person only wears about 20 percent of their wardrobe on a regular basis while the 80 percent just sits there. The same article also discusses how bargains actually activate more regret in the long term than spending extra dollars on something that you really want and maybe require. The article truly
emphasizes on investment in classic and timeless pieces that are versatile and durable too.

How many of these do you already own? Do you think we missed out on any? Tell us in the comments section below.

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