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The credit card industry has discovered a market where the super-affluent takes pride in owning one of these exclusive credit cards.

Unlike the normal credit cards, these prestigious cards are not heavily advertised. For the high annual fee charges, these high-roller and big spender card holders get exceptionally excellent perks, high credit limits and distinctive dealing wherever they dine or shop. The cards often have words like platinum, black and obsidian in their names. Check out this article of the most exclusive credit cards one can own.


The American Express Centurion CardThe American Express Centurion Card

There isn’t much to say about this card as its already been spoken a lot by the rich and famous. The application requirements remain a mystery, but you have to spend at least $250,000 a year on the Platinum AmEx card to receive an invitation and be eligible to own a Centurion. The card is made using aerospace grade titanium, is black in color and looks very sleek. Once approved, you will have to pay a $5000 initiation fee and a $2500 annual fee to just have the card in your wallet. For the high price paid, you get VIP access to all lounges, free upgrades at hotels and airplanes, discounts on yachts and planes and a 24/7 concierge service. While there is no spending limit, the card also offers a personal shopper service and access to private islands. Centurion card holders have been known to shut down entire stores just so that they can shop in privacy.


Sotheby’s World Elite MasterCardSotheby’s World Elite MasterCard

The card is designed for the people who frequently visit the popular auctions sponsored by Sotheby’s. The card comes with an annual fee of $395 and prospective card holders must earn $250,000 a year and must own 2 million in investible assets to qualify. The card is offered only by invitation to members and includes access to airport lounges, personal shopping assistance, health insurance and free concierge service.


coutts-and-co-world-cardRoyal Bank of Scotland Coutts World Card

The prestigious credit card with exclusive membership only available to Coutts clients that maintain a minimum of $1 million in their bank account. The card also requires a spending of $100,000 annually to avoid paying the $700 annual fee. The card perks include concierge service available all around the world, health insurance, international flights on private jets and access to many special events. The card is a sleek piece of plastic designed by Ozwald Boateng and only 100 people are believed to possess one. Some of the holders include Queen Elizabeth II and Elton John. Card holders can also earn a Coutts Courtesy Point for every pound spent.


Dubai First Royale MasterCardDubai First Royale MasterCard

The exclusive card is made from gold and diamonds and that surely is enough to make it prestigious. The card is issued by First Dubai Bank and is geared towards the richest members of the bank. The card also entitles its holders to 4 percent cash back, numerous travel perks, yacht and helicopter charters,no spending limit  and  personal account manager. The membership is available by invitation only and is only available to residents of the city. Usual members are usually royals or oil magnates generating 9 to 10 figures annually. 


????????????????????????????Visa Black Card

The card is only available to 1 percent of the United States of America population. The card was made to compete with the American Express Centurion Card and is made using carbon graphite to give it a distinctive feel. The annual fee is $495 and there are no spending limits. Unlike other exclusive cards, the Visa Black Card is not offered by invitation only, but anyone can apply for one and obtain it if they meet the high requirements. The membership entitles you to a 24-hour concierge service as well as membership in the Priority Pass VIP lounge program at airports. The card holders are also entitled to a loyalty program in which they can redeem points for 1 percent cash back on any airline airfare


Bank of America Accolades CardBank of America Accolades Card

This card was introduced with an interest rate of 12.2% and is reserved for the top clients of Bank of America. The card has an annual fee of $295 and a credit limit of $500,000. The card offers many travel rewards and unique prizes like golf trips with celebrities.



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