Top Destinations To Buy Watches

By on 29/07/2014

Where Are The top Destinations To Buy Watches?

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Have you ever wondered which are the best and worst places to buy watches in terms of the price, the selection and most importantly the authenticity? We don’t recommend you to fly to a destination to just buy a watch, but we feel it’s always nice to know.

For example in China, watches are taxed heavily and it does not make any sense to buy from in China.  The USA seems like a good place to purchase all sorts of watches, from Swiss to Japanese. Did you ever think if you would find better deals in Switzerland or if Japanese watches would actually be cheaper in Japan? For years, Hong Kong was well thought-out to be a top world destination for watches when it came to cost and choice. However, this is not the case anymore. How about Bangkok or Dubai? Should you purchase from duty free shops? These questions will be answered. Realize that the world changes more rapidly and do your homework.

The perfect watch shopping destination will offer good price, a massive selection and a safe buying environment where customers can trust the quality and be sure of what they are purchasing. The issue with pinning out one such destination is that they tend to keep changing and with the internet watch market booming, these issues are becoming less prominent.

Nevertheless, purchasing a watch in person makes a lot of sense in many instances. The first being, that you can see and touch the watch to ensure its quality and that you aren’t dealing with a fake. While authorized retailers sell only new watches and don’t usually sell fake but it’s important to be sure when you are buying from a pre-owned dealer who may deal with a mix of both original and fake timepieces. They probably don’t intend to cheat you but there could be instances when they are themselves not sure about the authenticity.

Moreover, when buying a watch overseas and it needs to be shipped to you, there may be customs inferences. Depending on where you live and how the shipper marks the package, you’ll need to pay some kind of duty on the watch sent to you from abroad.

Many people feel the best place to buy a watch is the USA as taxes are fair and prices are good and if you look at the right places, you might just strike a deal. Moreover, there are ways of avoiding certain taxes if watches are shipped over state lines. Although this is not always a good practice but US retailers have a tendency to be comparatively truthful and straightforward and easy to deal with. The choice of selection in the US is pretty good, but finding rare watches can be hard-hitting.

China (mainland) isn’t a good place to get watches because of the taxes levied. This is also the reason for many other countries and also the reason why many people go to the USA to purchase luxury goods at a lower price. Many people from Latin America fly to Miami to avail luxury goods at a lower price. Another great place to buy luxury watches is the vacation destinations in the Caribbean where there are lot of tax advantages as well as huge selection.

Swiss prices tend to be high and so does the selection. Furthermore, bargaining or haggling is not accepted in the Swiss culture. On the contrary, Middle Eastern and Chinese retailers tend to entertain customers who wish to negotiate.

Thailand tends to get lots of votes in terms of price and selection. Many exclusive Japanese watches are only available in Hong Kong and Thailand. However, for the best selection you need to go to Japan as the Japanese tend to save some of its best models for the local market.

To conclude, there really is not a best place to shop for watches and it actually depends on the rarity of the watch you are looking for as well as the hassle you are willing to incur to get what you want. Watches will everlastingly be a multifaceted and hard to obtain product when it comes to receiving the best at the most excellent price. While brands want to charge huge prices for their wares, there are taxes and custom issues too which tend to mark the final price of a timepiece. Thus, if a watch isn’t available in your country, there are a (or more) reasons for this.

Please share your opinion about the best place to shop for watches around the world in the comments section below. Where have you found the best selection and best prices?

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