Top Summer Destinations in 2014

By on 09/06/2014

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Summer is the perfect time to take a vacation. Barbecues, sun tans, ice cream cones and swimming are just a few images that come tour mind when we think of a summer vacation. Feast your eyes on pictures from 2014’s most unmissable destinations.


A game of beach football in Rio, walking on the endless strands of sun toasted coastline, swimming in aquarium-like rivers near Bonito, trekking across windswept dunes in Lencois Maranhenses, mountain splashing in green rainforests and most beautiful colonial villages of Ouro Preto, Brazil is the place to be. If you are a sport fanatic, Brazil is also going to host two of the most coveted sporting events, FIFA World Cup 2014 and 2016 Summer Olympics. The diversity of this country is sure to leave you open jawed.



Get to Antartica and get dazzled by Antartica’s gigantic icebergs and glaciers, unexplored mountain ranges, native animal species like penguins, leopard seals and killer whales. 2014 marks the anniversary of the start of Ernest Shackleton’s attempt to cross the Antartic. Visiting the pristine continent, since it is not a country and doesen’t have an indigenous population will be your chance to walk on the path of other intrepid explorers.



The uneven beautiful scenic drives of Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands and the XX Commonwealth Games in summer 2014 are enough reasons for anyone wanting to visit the country. Glasgow has had a complete facelift thanks to the games with new sport venues,improved transportation and rebirth of Glasgow Harbor. Europe’s biggest brass band festival blasts Perthshire, a competition around Scottish castles and the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival in May are also going to be held here.



Summer in Vastra Gotaland is a must do. Thanks to the late author Stieg Larsson, most have an idea of what Sweden’s like. Sweden is evolving with a new pop-culture identity. Perhaps not unpredictably, in 2014, northern Sweden’s biggest city, Umeå, is termed as the European Culture Capital. The capital has long been a chic, elegant and  top-notch destination for serious gourmands and experimental chefs, but lately the reputation and influence of Swedish cooking have spread beyond the country’s borders. Considering that Swedish cuisine uses so much of  locally sourced ingredients, it makes perfect sense to go to the source of all this fine food.



Malawi is the perfect beach without the crowds. Malawi’s second largest city, Blantyre allows visitors to set up their own tents at the Majete Wildlife Reserve where the Big Fives can be seen up close. Head to Lake Malawi for high visibility snorkeling Or Mount Mulanje for a hike over the hazy peaks.the Viphya Plateau, a wilderness of grasslands and hills must be visited by tourists visiting the region.


Sun-baking on a Caribbean beach after partying all night in Cancun, shopping for colourful handicrafts or devouring on seven types of mole (chilli sauce) in Oaxaca, stepping back in time at a Mayan temple – there is just so much to suit all.

Which of these destinations would you like to visit this summer or maybe next (if you have already planned this year’s vacation). Get involved in the comments section below.



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