Travel Like a Jetsetter

By on 16/07/2014

How to Travel Like a Jetsetter?


When you hear the word ‘jetsetter’, you probably assume someone who jumps on his private jet and takes off to some exotic location around the world on an impulsive decision in the quest to seek pleasure.

Unfortunately, that is not most of us. Most of us don’t own a private jet and most of us fly a normal airline. Most of us also have a budget to follow and most of us fly economy class. In the last 10 years, I’ve spent a lot of time on-the-go in trains, flights as well as ships for both business and pleasure and during those times, I’ve taken note of people who seem to be travel apprentice and those who are travel regulars.

While I am no master when it comes to travelling, but over the years I have learned a few simple rules on how to travel like a jetsetter. Some of them are listed below:

Invest in Good Luggage: There was a time when I used to travel with not-very-expensive luggage because I never saw the value in investing in a luxury luggage since one it would be back from the baggage rails; they’d anyways get dirty and sometimes damaged. I need to make another point: as far as expensive bags are concerned, I did always invest in good handbags and cabin luggage. However, when I once saw a very elegant and modish lady roll a piece of luggage through the Hong Kong International Airport, I re-thought my theory about spending on expensive luggage. So I finally bought one and couldn’t believe why I waited so long. A nice piece of luggage made travelling so much easier and fun.

Pack Four Days in Advance: It’s difficult to be organized when you are throwing things in the suitcase last minute. Ensure you always pack four days in advance so that you get a chance to put ample thought into what you require at the trip. Another thing to remember is to pack on the lighter side. While you might want to look like you’ve just come out of a soap opera, there really is no place for too many clothes and accessories. You might just have to pay a whopping fee for overweight luggage and overburden yourself if you have to carry it yourself. Pack basics in neutral colors like black, white and grays and use accessories to pop some color into your outfits. Buy some travel containers for things like shampoo, conditioner, your favorite shower gel and moisturizer and for products that can’t go inside bottles like toothpastes, sprays, etc. get the mini-version.

Dress Like a Jetsetter: a couple of year’s back I would have thought nothing is better than rolling out of bed and heading to the airport in pajamas. I’m a comfort person but in the last few years, I’ve realized comfort can be fashionable too. Opt for loose fitting clothes with breathable fabrics and comfortable flats or boots. Invest in a good pair of travel socks. My favorite travelling attire is a pair of boyfriend jeans, comfortable flats that can easily be taken off and on during security checks, a loose top and a lightweight stole.

Lounge in the Lounge: If you have a stopover or a break journey and you plan to spend the time at the airport, its worth spending a few dollars on the lounge that ensures quiet and complimentary drinks and snacks.

Prepare to Arrive Well Rested: If that’s not possible, at least look like it. Long flights can wreck havoc on the body and skin. Remember you must drink plenty of water while in-flight. Spritz your face several times in air as skin tends to dry high up there. Pack a tiny makeup kit with basics like moisturizer, facial towels, mascara, foundation and some gloss to ensure you look fresh when you get off the plane.

Be Strong: This may sound funny but I used to be one of those who would grab the sleeve of the person sitting beside me as soon as an announcement about turbulence was made. I have found a way to calm my inner frights by putting on my earphones and listening to some great music.

Hire a Driver: This is one of those little luxuries that I absolutely adore since I hate standing in taxi queues after having flown a flight. It’s nice to have a driver waiting outside the airport.

Attitude Matters: Travelling like a jetsetter is more than about your inner attitude than anything else. Stop worrying or feeling insecure and if you continue to do so, none of the other tips will work. Be confident with a sense of adventure oozing out of you and this will be the key to your jetsetter lifestyle.

Cheers to lots and lots of vacations and travelling. Please share some of your favorite travel tricks that make you feel like a jetsetter in the comments below.

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