Travel Tips for Men

By on 17/04/2015

A Man’s Guide to Traveling Fashionably and in Style

travel-tips-for-men-to-keep-breakouts-at-bay_1371_545799_0_14096349_500Here at Uptown Times, we all love to travel. The idea about waking up in a new setting and seeing new views and listening to the sound of a new language is all just so mesmerizing for most of us. It really makes us realize how wonderful the world really is. Over the last few years, with all my travelling expeditions, if there is anything I’ve learnt, it is to travel smart. Read on for a compilation of my best travel advice for men.

Dress Sharp but Comfortably: Prospects of free upgrades or complimentary lounge access await travelers who dress in style! Trust us, it’s true. You can’t expect a free upgrade for someone who is dressed shabbily. While dressing sharp is appealing, it is also important to dress comfortably. Ensure there is some room in your trousers and a comfortable shirt that is either tucked in or un-tucked and not somewhere in the middle. If you prefer denims, ensure they have a tiny little of stretch in them which tends to make them more comfy. More advice is given in the article “Travel like a Jetsetter.”

Inform Credit/Debit Card Companies before Departure: Ensure you get a travel alert on your card so that you don’t get an unexpected denial of service, which can be quiet embarrassing.

Slip On’s: No matter what you are wearing, pair it up with a nice pair of slip on’s for your footwear. This will save you the disturbance at the metal detector at security checkpoints. Slip on footwear makes it easy to take them off and put them on.

Little Metal: When travelling by air, avoid all types of metal. For example, wear a belt from which the buckle can easily be taken off. This saves you time and trouble that is faced to remove the whole belt. I often keep my belt, collar stays (if using) and watch in my hand luggage and put them on when am waiting for the plane.

Hang Your Jacket: No matter how you are travelling, hang or fold your jacket. If driving, use a hanger and hang the jacket on the hook in the back. Alternatively, when travelling by plane or train, before sitting, remove it, fold it and store it somewhere so that it does not get pressed or wrinkled.

Quality Luggage: We’ve been stressing about this one in many of our travel articles. Please invest in some qualityArticleImage_TravelLuggage luggage. Your luggage can protect your clothes, accessories and other important and expensive things it would be carrying. A good piece of luggage will make it easy for you to gear it around from the baggage rail to the exit. Finally, but very imperative, it looks great.

Pack Light: While this may sound obvious, it’s worth putting in down on the list. Pack light and key to do so is by ensuring everything you carry is interchangeable, this means less clothing and more outfits. Not to forget less bulk. Another thing which I always follow is to try to wear the bulkiest clothing while travelling so I don’t have the pack it.

Use Luggage Identification: I always have a bright luggage identifier and my business card on the inside and on the outside to easily identify my luggage.

Fold Dress Shirts: Stack the shirts atop the other with the arms spread. Fold them in half with the collars on the top. Now, cross the arms over each other and pack the bundle on top of the luggage. As soon as you check in and enter your room, shake everything out and hang them as soon as possible.

Socks in Shoes: Roll your socks and slip them into your shoes to save space as well as keep shoes little firmer so the exterior does not get crushed inward.

Extra Change of Clothes: When flying, always carry an outfit in your hand baggage, just in case there was an accident spill on the flight or you lost your luggage.

Sunglasses and Hats: An accessory I cannot miss but rave about. Whether driving or flying, a quality pair of sunglasses will make travelling easier on the eyes. The big dark ones also make sleeping-on-the-go easier. Plus, they look extremely cool. Invest in a functional and stylish piece of headwear. This is going to be something that will protect you from harsh weather conditions and also add to your dress sharp efforts.

Clothing with Pockets: Trust us, when travelling they help. This is the reason, why I love the sports jacket as there is always some place to stash everything from tickets to the cell phone.

Emergency Kit and Wet Wipes: You might probably expect your spouse or girlfriend to be carrying some, but please just pack a small pack of wet wipes and an emergency kit containing aspirin or Ibuprofen, Band-Aids and a flashlight and whatever else you think you might require. Don’t ask why, you might just thank us later.

ArticleImage_TravelLuggageMouth Fresheners: Travelling often makes you feel dehydrated resulting in foul smell. Having a few sticks of gum or mints will ensure the person sitting you does not curse you.

Shower before a Long Flight: Generally, when this is the case, I shift my morning routine of a shower to just before I leave for the airport. Doesn’t make too much of a difference when you have many hours of transit in between, but definitely helps you going fresh a little longer.

Armrest Rule: If seated by the window or an aisle, you are entitled to your one armrest. As per the rule, the person sitting in the middle seat gets two armrests as he or she does not have any other place to put his or her arms.

Trip Documents: Print travel documents, email them to yourself as well as to whoever is picking and dropping you up at and from the airport. Often they are all over the place, on the email, phone, etc. and having them in one place makes it so much more convenient and protects us from unforeseen circumstances like the phone battery dead or a computer crash, etc.

Give Yourself Time: This probably is the hardest to follow but extremely important. Give yourself time. You might face problems and might require time to recover from them. You need that extra time to get ready for the presentation. Avoid being rushed and wind down.

What are you favorite travel tips? Anything that we missed out on and you would like our readers to know about. Leave us your best travel tips in the comments section below.

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