Underground Cities Turkey

By on 08/07/2014

Cappadocia, Turkey:

Cappadocia , a city as well as a region known for its underground cities.  The most popular city Derinkuyu which  consists of eight underground levels that are accessible to the public but known to archeologist to be another 20 levels. Derikuyu has been homes to many different civilizations since before the Common Era. History shows that at times of invasion the city could accommodate more that 50 000 people. The hiding place for Christians who wanted to avoid the persecution from the Roman Empire (who would like being fed to lions).

Throughout the city, there are visible signs that all amenities were attended to. You can still see the olive oil presses,the ovens, sources of water and burial chambers.   Once entered, you will find yourself in a labyrinth of rooms and tunnels. Each village is suppose to have its own underground city. Only one has been mentioned here. Watch the video and enjoy the extra facts. Other Mysterious places can be found throughout Up Town Times.

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