Underground City Beijing

By on 07/07/2014

Underground City, Beijing

In 1969, the Mao Zedong ordered the construction of an emergency shelter for the socialist government during the height of the Cold War with China and the Soviet Union. Putting all the tunnels together equal the distance of the Great Wall of China. The construction was built by hand brick by brick. Only 10 years later was it considered complete. The city stretches to 30 kms and within the city there were stores, theaters, schools, utility services like a barber and even an skating rink. The city featured space for 1000 homes and was built to accommodate almost 40 percent of the city’s population. Not far from Tianamin square, the entrance today is still not well known. In 2000, the gigantic city was officially opened up for tourists and some of the shelter is now used as youth hostels. At one point of time, the city had 90 entrances which were hidden in shops along the main streets. Tourists describe the city as ‘dark, damp and authentically eerie’. One really have a sense of the cold war for more Mysterious Places.

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