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By on 09/06/2014

movieGet some buttery popcorn, dim the lights and check out these movie theatres around the world that are just as enjoyable as the films they showcase. After all, better the movie theatre, better the movie experience.

You might be watching the most boring movie, but when snuggled into a super comfy seat with popcorn and an awesome sound system, somehow you’ll leave the doors feeling like you had a great time. For the movie junkies, these are some movie theatres that they must visit in their lifetime. Uptown Times compiles a list of 6 great places to see a film.

Curtains up! Here are our preferences for the 6 best movie cinemas around the world.

Cine Thisio: Athens, Greece

While Athens is popular for its summer outdoor cinemas, none really provide a majestic view as the Cine Thisio. At this outdoor Cine Thisiocinema, you will not only enjoy a movie, but also magnificent views of the majestic Acropolis and the floodlit Parthenon. Enjoy a bit of culture alongside the latest blockbuster. Cine Thisio, built in 1935, is the oldest outdoor movie theatre in Athens and is open from April to October. This Uptown theatre shows both latest releases and classic movies. As an alternative to fizzy drinks, ensure you buy a sour cherry juice or a glass of tsipouro along with some yummy local mezze. 

Apostolou Pavlou 7,

Thission, Athens 11851,


+30 210 342 0864; www.cine-thisio.gr

 Raj Mandir Theatre: Jaipur, India

rajmndirHere is the ultimate Uptown Bollywood experience. With more than 1200 seats that sell out almost every day, the Raj Mandir Theatre in India’s ‘Pink City’ is a beautiful and iconic venue to catch the latest Bollywood blockbusters currently playing.

If the building lone is not enough, get swept in the joyous atmosphere as the audience claps every time the hero appears on the screen. Combining gorgeously with the sumptuous palaces of Jaipur and the extravagant architecture of Rajasthan, the external walls are decorated with asymmetrical shapes and curves long with silver stars that light up at night. Marvel at the extravagant and immense lobby, decorated with chandeliers and lights that change colours before enjoying the Bollywood flick on the big screen. Built in the mid-1970s and still considered India’s top theater the Raj Mandir Theatre is easily recognized by its pink façade, which dominates the street. Look for testimonies to the cinema’s enormity from Amitabh Bachan and other Bollywood icons pasted onto a column in its center. While this may not be the most expensive movie theatre where you have bought your tickets, it will surely be one of the most memorable Uptown theatre that you have ever gone to.

Bhagwandas Marg

Ashok Nagar;

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


Cine de Chef: Seoul, South Korea

Forget the usual popcorn and fizzy drinks, the cinema only serves the finest French-Italian cuisine, courtesy of a Park Hyatt ex-southkoreachef. Enjoy the lovely delicacies along with the movie in extremely comfortable seats.Visualize a delightful dinner date minus the difficulty of essentially having to chat to the person you’re with. This little movie-house seats just 30 people, and each deluxe Quinette Gallay recliner is worth over £5,000. The recliners are manufactured by the same people who make sequestered movie theater recliners for United Arab Emirates royalty. Expect VIP treatment from this five-star dining experience, as well as faultless screening quality due to the world-class 11.1 channel speakers that edge the entire cinema. The cinema aims to give a luxury spin to the dinner with movie concept. This meal and a movie, don’t come cheap, prices start at US$34 for a lunch and a movie ticket. The dinner prices start at US$53.  

B5 CGV Apgujeong,

602 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu,


+82 2 3445 0541, www.cinedechef.com

Secret Cinema, Worldwide

Secret Cinema - Blade RunnerThe Secret Cinema is so secretive that it could be happening right next to you and you wouldn’t even notice. Secret Cinema delivers a completely immersive atmosphere that truthfully brings  movies to life as you get to enjoy an evening with like-minded cine-enthusiasts and those who understand that being kept in the dark about the film in question until the last possible moment is all part of the excitement.

Secret Cinema is a London-based group that arranges scheduled movie events masked in mystery. Fans and staff are told not to disclose the location nor the film being shown.  After registration, you are informed the day of the screening and the preset location of the filming. From there actors put on a live-action version of scenes from the movie before the theatrical showing of the movie itself.

+44 0207 739 6055, www.secretcinema.org

Colosseum Kino: Oslo, Norway

A giant domed roof serves the purpose of enhancing the sound as well as looking awesome from the outside. Prepare to be blown Colosseum Kinoaway at the largest THX cinema in the world, offering movie magic escorted by ear-shattering surround sound. Renowned by its massive dome and Roman columns, this advanced silver screen opened in 1928 and seats over 2,000 people. Don’t fret if you don’t speak the local language as films are usually screened in their original language. The largest cinema in northern Europe is also presently the largest movie palace in the world certified for THX—George Lucas’s premium audiovisual benchmark.

Fridtjof Nansens vei 6, 0369

Oslo, Norway

+47 994 32 000, www.oslokino.no/

Cinematheque Francais, Paris, France

franceCinematheque Français  by its name alone shows that it is an extensive   library of cinema; the film archive, movie documents, film-related objects, museum, French directors and showing of special movies.  As it is a historical asset to the cinema world, it is also a beautiful architectural designed post modern structure, an artsy way to appreciate an artsy moving.

51 Rue de Bercy, 75012 Paris, France
+33 1 71 19 33 33, www.cinematheque.fr/


Though you can watch movies on your television, iPad or laptop these days, Uptown theatres are an experience we should all not forget. Don’t forget the joy of going to the cinema. It is part of all our international cultures. Which of these cinemas would you like to visit or have you already visited one? Tell us in the comments below.


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