Watch Secrets for your Man

By on 17/09/2014

670px-Wear-a-Watch-Step-5Have you ever thought of any watch secrets or basic tips that you’ve known and feel every man should know? Well, we have and here they are.

  1. Get an Improved Watch: As per your budget you could spend $10 to $10,000 on something you’ll wear when working on your home improvement, playing with the kids or while shopping. It should be equivalent with your style, but be something you are not apprehensive about when mistreated or used roughly. It helps to try out an assortment of sports watches and be grateful for the appropriate nature of a tool watch and at the same time keeps your nicer watches in excellent condition.
  2. Swap Straps to Bring New Life and Look to an Old Watch: Swapping straps can instantly bring life into an old watch and its amazing how different and fresh some watches look with a new strap.
  3. Check on Automatic Watches: If you have a large collection of automatic watches, don’t waste time winding them all day and instead use watch winders to keep a check on them so they are ready to wear anytime.
  4. Cleaning Watches: Clean your watches with a simple solution of mild soap and warm water.
  5. Strap Life Extension: If you want to extend the watch strap’s life, consider adding a deployant clasp to prevent you from bending the ends of the strap when putting it on and off.
  6. Size Matters when Shopping for a Watch: So how do you really know if a watch is too large or too small for your wrist? The lugs or ending of a watch case should by no means extend further than the edge of your wrist. Irrespective of how large the watch is, it should not emerge to be bigger in diameter than your own wrist. Relatively, a watch is too tiny if the lugs or end of the case does not come close to reaching the end of your wrist and it also looks petite and womanly.
  7. Legibility: The legibility is one reason why you would wear a watch on a daily basis. When shopping for a new watch, you need to ensure you can read it well. Many watch brands (including some trusted names) make their watch hands so short that it becomes difficult to read the time. Moreover, the hands should contrast well with the dial so you can see the time easily in different lighting circumstances and positions.
  8. Multi Purpose: Invest in a watch that can be of multi use and something that you can wear at different occasions. Watches are a lot like good shoes and no one expects you to have a different one for every occasion.
  9. Final Consideration: Look at a watch like a personal investment and not a financial one. While it can be tough to decide how much you really want to spend on a timepiece, in most cases the more you spend, the more useful it should be for you. If you want something trendy, don’t spend too much as you will only be using it until the trend stays or until you get bored. If you want a classic or a timeless piece, something that you could pass over to your children, consider investing a bigger amount as it would be something that you would like to wear for a substantial number of years.

We hope you enjoyed reading our post about watch wearing and purchasing guidelines for men. Do you have any tips that could add on to the list? If yes, please let us know through the comments section below.

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