What’s Holding You From Dressing Sharp?

By on 22/07/2014

DRESSINGWELLSeriously, what is it? We’re sure you’ve gone through dozens of style articles as well as woman’s and men’s style books or videos on YouTube but are still wearing the same clothing you wore when you started putting some attention in the clothes you wore and how you presented yourself. So what’s really holding you back? We bring together the most common barriers that hold men and women from instituting change in their wardrobe.

No Money: By far the most common barrier. However, is this really the case, we ask such people? We’ve seen people who probably just earn $100 a month and men who live in economies where clothing is relatively more expensive but still manage to put together a respectable wardrobe and dress sharply. You may spend $5 on a coffee daily, $10,000 on a vacation but when it comes to spending $250 on a tailored suit you are reluctant. So what really is the deal? Is money really the barrier?

No Time: Many people feel they just don’t have the time; time to think over an inter-changeable wardrobe and the thought that goes into making it takes them apart. Some feel they might have to read dozens of blogs to get the perfect look and so they don’t make a single mistake while others feel they don’t have the time to look outside their area limits. After all, there just are some areas that are more fashionable than others.

Information Paralysis: With the Internet boom, awareness of the fashion style has taken a new explosion. Online retailers are now able to reach out to men with a plethora of knowledge that was not available to the earlier generations. With blogs, forums and videos on many social media marketing websites, one can get hold of information from different sources. However, have you felt there are times when you get so caught up in learning that you just don’t see yourself implementing them? This is what we call information paralysis!

Hostile Surroundings: You probably don’t want to stand out of the crowd because you just don’t want to be theDRESSINGWELL2 only one. In surroundings where work environments are casual with relaxed dressing standards, people feel by dressing sharp they are bound to draw negative attention to themselves from colleagues who view your improvement as a threat. Moreover, they also don’t want to out-dress the boss. There may be another sect of people that don’t dress sharp because their job type isn’t conductive of dress clothing. You can’t be suited and have to embrace the humble denims and t-shirt when your work requires you to get messy or laborious.

You Don’t Really Care: There are many people I know who know and understand the importance of dressing sharp but don’t think of it as a priority. They would rather be spending time with family or studying or exercising to stay in shape or whatever and put sharp dressing to the last. This is probably all their priorities are competing for the limited time and resources. Maybe they could dress sharper if they has 27 hours in a day or maybe if they get a few extra hundred dollars on their salary.

Fitting a Non Regular Body Type: Most clothing is made for hypothetical people who don’t really exist. These are the men and women who sit perfectly in the center of the bell curve when we look at body size measurements. While some might be shorter, others may be taller, some maybe leaner and others maybe heavier than the average man. We truly understand the fact that it is difficult to dress sharply and build a wardrobe when you can’t even find clothing that fits perfectly.

No, I Cannot Make a Mistake: Another barrier is shared by men and women who are scared of making a mistakeDRESSINGWELL3 and so do not really want to invest in it. I have a closet filled with many expensive clothes and I hardly ever wear them. This is because I purchased them before I understood style or because I had a different notion about style earlier. While I wore them some years ago, I must say I’d be embarrassed to wear them now. But what’s wrong with just learning from your mistakes? In fact, that’s the best way to learn things in life. After all, you must have heard the famous quote, “If you’re not making mistakes, you are not trying hard enough”.

While the barriers we’ve mentioned would be faced by 9 out of 10 people who don’t dress sharp, there just might be some other barriers which we might have missed on. Please use the comments section below to tell us about them. Alternatively, tell is if any of the above barriers are stopping you to dress sharper.

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