White Gold Tends to Yellow?

By on 24/08/2014

$_32Have you witnessed many times your White Gold  Tends To  Yellow or ‘fade’ over time? Has the contemplation ever crossed your mind, “perhaps the jewelry is not genuine and you have been ripped off just because white gold turned into yellow’? This question has become very popular lately as white gold is growing in popularity among the younger generations. So why does white gold tend to turn yellow over time?

The change is gradual and happens over a course of many years and most people won’t even notice the change until the jewelry begins to lose its shine and beauty. White gold, in reality is a man-made product and is yellow gold with added minerals like zinc and nickel that change its color. Since pure gold is very yellow, no matter how much ever metal or alloys you mix with it, it will surely retain some of the yellowish body color.

Most white gold jewelry is flash plated with a very thin coating of rhodium. This is done to give it a more brilliant, shiny and whiter appearance. The rhodium plating tends to wear off over time and reveal the ‘actual’ white gold jewelry underneath.

Until World War II began, most jewelers manufactured a lot of jewelry using platinum. Since platinum was used in the war, it had to be taken off the market. This is how white gold was born. In actuality, it was a substitute to platinum but 4 times cheaper. Moreover, this man-made metal has great endurance and durability and tends to be even brighter than platinum.

So how can you make white gold last a lifetime? All that you have to do is to get it re-plated whenever it starts to turn yellow. Most jewelers can effortlessly re-plate a white gold jewelry piece to bring back its original white shine and sparkle with rhodium for a very nominal fee.

However, if you are looking for a true white metal that will not require any polishing or re-plating, you are better off considering investing in a platinum or palladium jewelry item, which are naturally white in color.

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