Why Time Stands Still

By on 09/05/2014

Have you ever noticed or wondered why watches, clocks and timepieces found in a showroom or advertisement are set to showing the time as 10:10 before you set the correct time? If you haven’t yet, pay more attention to the default factory setting the next time you walk into a watch showroom or when you’re flipping through a magazine that has a watch advertisement.

A number of myths revolve around the 10:10 position. Some relate it to a historic event like a way to memorialize the Lincoln or JFK assassinations, while others relate it to atomic bombs that were thrown on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. There, however, is no truth behind these explanations.

Watch makers say the real reason for the setting is aesthetics as there are various visual advantages of having watch hands set at the position.

The most important reason is that it keeps the hands from overlapping. Having both the hands on either sides of the watch ensures the hands themselves are clearly visible and their styling can be appreciated. This position also enhances the look on the dial as it is symmetrical and organized which is appreciated by the human mind and found more pleasant than asymmetry and thus increases the product appeal to customers.

With the position, key details on the watch or clock face remain visible. The manufacturer logo is usually found in the center, under 12 o’clock and sometimes next to 3, 6 or 9 o’clock and thus is nicely framed by the 10:10 hands. Additional elements on the face like date windows are not obscured with this position.

Timex used the time 8:20 in all their product photos and advertisements earlier, but eventually decided to flip the ‘frown’ upside down into a smile. Lately they have also joined the 10:10 bandwagon as they feel the hands look ‘happy’ when placed like a smile or like a ‘v’ as in victory in the 10:10 position.


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  1. Herbert

    19/09/2015 at 08:42

    No worries Steph. Perhaps T/t coimsehenrpon is dying out since fewer people actually read recipe books anymore. I’ll try to avoid it in future, if there is one. Thanks for standing up to Anon. I’ve been getting multiple comments like that for each post I’ve put up this year, and that’s pretty much the main reason I’m rarely posting these days. Why would I want to put myself out there when I’m just going to wake up to/come home to horrible attacks that totally ignore everything I’ve done in the past and have gone through? Anon – I know how you like to lose weight. I’ve done it before. It also made me infertile. It then stopped working and I gained all the fat back without changing anything about my diet. You know this. I’ve already expressed my wish to use blood glucose tests to see if that helps. At the same time, I gained weight whilst pulling 24 hour fasts, intermittent fasts, fat fasts, and extended periods of eating nothing but meat and fat. I’m still pretty sure you are a guy, which excuses your ignorance somewhat, but you need to understand that female physiology is demonstrably more difficult to control through starvation etc. So, if you could please STFU, that would be appreciated. Wait and see – maybe in the long term I’ll be able to get the methods of the past to work for my delicate endocrine system, but at the moment I’m still healing from the damage done by DepTran, low-carbing, and a year of depression.Your comments will continue to be deleted, and they achieve nothing except hurting people. If that’s truly your aim, then you are a sad, little man. Don’t delude yourself in thinking you are being even slightly helpful – you’re not telling anyone anything they haven’t already read from prominent, albeit misguided, sources. I’m not responding in any way to your comments any more.Aside from the rude personal attacks, the recipes I post aren’t simply for paleo types, but for people who wish to live grain-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, etc. Most of my recipes are shared on such boards. As Steph pointed out, if you don’t like mimicry, then don’t read – and certainly don’t comment on – posts that are clearly going to deal with the topic.

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